Defender of the Fatherland Tournaments, a Decal & Decoration and Vehicles for Golden Eagles!

We’ve prepared some Defender of the Fatherland activities including several tournaments, a decal and decoration that can be obtained by playing Soviet vehicles, as well as 4 returning Soviet premiums for Golden Eagles.

Soviet vehicles temporarily available for Golden Eagles!

The following Soviet vehicles are each available to purchase.

When: From February 22nd (10:00 GMT) until February 26th (07:00 GMT).

Where: USSR > Army/Aviation > Premium vehicles.

Earn the “Red Army Tank” decal and the “Budenovka” decoration!

For completing the following tasks, you’ll be able to earn both of these unique items.

When: From February 22nd (10:00 GMT) until February 26th (07:00 GMT).

Task: Play 3 battles using any USSR vehicle to receive the “Red Army Tank” decal. Win 5 battles using USSR ground vehicles to receive the “Budenovka” decoration!

“Red Army Tank” decal

“Budenovka” decoration

Additional details:

  • You must use a minimum of rank III.
  • Your activity must not be below 70%.
  • You can complete the task in random battles, except for Enduring Confrontation missions, [Assault] mode and Helicopter PVE battles.
  • Track your progress in the hangar by clicking Nickname → Achievements → Holidays → Defender of the Fatherland.
  • You can find the decal in the “Holidays” tab in the Customisation menu.

Defender Tournament Series

Take part in the Defender series tournaments that have a total prize pool of 119,000 Golden Eagles!

The Defender tournament series will be held from February 23rd to 24th. You can sign up for any tournament, even several if you’d like!

The winners will receive any starter pack of their choice, and the runners-up will receive the “Protector of Sparta” decal and the “Defender of the Fatherland” title. The number of prizes is limited and depends on the number of participants in each tournament.

The end of registration for the tournament and the time that the tournament bracket is generated can be found by clicking on the “About the tournament” tab.

“Protector of Sparta” decal

Join the official War Thunder Esports Discord to receive up-to-date information about the game’s esports news, as well as find a team for the tournament.

  • Total prize pool 119,000 GE
  • Defender of the Fatherland (Title)
  • Protector of Sparta (Decal)



You can get decal by playing any USSR vehicle.
There are both air and ground tournaments.

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Where Jet 4v4 and AAB 1v1?

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0_0 not relevant to the topic.

It is literally a topic about tournaments and I am complaining about missing of Jet 4v4 and AAB 1v1 duel.

Check TSS website before talking bs for me.

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If it’s Defender of the Fatherland, why is it Russian vehicles coming back?

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Cool dude and you were demanding them as if they were available previously. For a tournament that isn’t very large in the first place.

Turkmenistan holiday.

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They existed until last year or the year before.

I don’t really care dude. But thanks for the insight never the less apparently Russia still celebrates it. Shrug.

Hey I registered for Duel Air RB 1v1 and I will face F-15 F-16 Mig-29 in my Mirage F1??

What the point? French Bashing? There is a Huge gap between those!

Afraid by Mirage 2000 in 1v1?

We are the only one who can’t play a tier VIII here!

The 23rd of February was made a holiday celebrating the founding of the Red Army in the USSR and continues to be a holiday dedicated to the armed forces in certain former Soviet republics.

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@Stona_WT why are some countries in the tournament air jet RB getting access to BR 12.7 vehicles while others are locked to BR 11.3 even though they have higher BR vehicles in their trees?
same with Ground RB, some of the available choices seems very unfair.

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I’d be more concerned the prop tournament for the defending-of-the-USSR celebration only allows you to fly Bf. 109s, but that’s just me.

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what do you mean?

Sorry I meant this one (not officially a Defender tournament, just on the same weekend):

The actual props 1v1 for Defender is I-153s only.

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Defender of the fatherland - Russian rewards
Call of the dragon - Russian rewards

Really hitting it two for two here guys.

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Like idk… Check wiki at least? What rewards were you waiting for? Maus return?

well that’s actually balanced at least. i would rather see equal planes fight because then its more about player skill. but to have to fight F-16C , F-15A , MIG-29SMT and SU-27 in my JA37D is really not fair in the slightest.
its like 1.4 BR higher…
in Ground 1v1 RB its the other way around, i get a BR 7.7 against mostly BR 5.3 and a few BR 6.3?


Welcome to tournament play. It’s the same way every week.