Dedicated ATGM carriers should get scouting

[Should dedicated ATGM carriers receive scouting?]
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ATGM vehicles in War Thunder fill a niche role. Dedicated long range snipers, that rely on their enemies being exposed for long enough to be hit, without they themselves being spotted during the long dely between firing and hitting the target. Some even lack the ability to engage enemies outside a minimum range.

This is the primary downside of the class, they rely on specific circumstances to be able to safely engage their enemies, often leaving them in situations where they are unable to effectively engage enemies they can see. This is a trait they share with light tanks, another class that frequently comes across enemies that they have no way to engage safely.

Therefore I believe dedicated ATGM carriers should also have to ability to scout. Like it already does with light tanks, it would allow ATGM vehicles who are unable to effectively engage the targets they can see a way to contribute to the team and be rewarded for it.

Additionally, it just makes sense given the number of light tanks who are effectively ATGM carriers (Marders, Ratel 20, Dardo, M3/M3A3 Bradely, etc) which do get scouting. They have near or equivalent missiles to what same tier dedicated ATGM carriers have, plus an additional autocannon giving them some aggressive potential, and scouting, while ATGM carriers are left with no other options.

Furthermore, with so many ATGM vehicles being based on APCs (Various M113 ATGM vehicles, Pvb 302) or recon vehicles (Weisel 1A2, ZT3A2), I believe they should logically have scouting functions.

Overall, I believe it would make the class less niche and more popular, and allow them to contribute to games outside of their ideal circumstances.

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I believe that it would be a better idea if they got drones, even if it was just the quadcopter from the event

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they definitely should get scouting or as ミーナ said a scout drone

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Scout drones are a nice utility, but they have two problems with ATGM carriers. Firstly, there are no rewards for using them to help out your team. You can help your team dig out hidden tanks and shutdown flankers, but you won’t see a single silver lion for it. This is a seperate issue, but it disincentivises people to use them for others.

Secondly, you are most likely unable to use the information yourself. Light tanks can use them to find where enemies are positioned, and therefore sneak up on tanks through their blindspots. ATGM carriers can’t aggressively push like this, especially now that pretty much all ATGMs have a minimum engagement window. All they can do is spot targets to know where an enemy might push into their line of fire. And watching for enemies to push into their line of fire is what ATGM vehicles are doing anyways.

Ultimately, while I wouldn’t complain if they got scouting drones, I don’t think it solves the issue in quite the same way that scouting will.

As an ATGM carrier, you can use the drone to plan out ambushes and locate enemies easier without having to rely on your teammates

For vehicles like Striker and Swingfire, it is a must. And all the other vehicles with specific limitations in ATGM use or low count of missiles, like the M113 platforms.

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Definite +1.

I would go a step further and punt up every IFV’s BR by at least 1.0 or more. There is no sensible reason for a machine with both a gun and missiles to be the same BR as or lower in BR than a machine with just missiles.

-1 vehemently. Too many random vehicles have Scouting, especially AA platforms which have no business performing reconnaissance. Likewise ATGM carriers, which should be acting based upon intelligence and not collecting it.

By all means reduce the BR of tank destroyers or ATGM carriers to make them more effective, but with so many vehicles having Scouting we reduce the usefulness of light tanks across the whole game.