Decrease of Attractiveness to Cap

A sideeffect of the new skill reward system - which I absolutely welcome - is that capping and playing for points seems to have become even more unattractive.

Many players already prefered the approach to play the flanks and chose kills over playing the objective, as caps are usually hot contested and therefor high risk but (apparently) low reward. 300 points was never that awesome to begin with and multiple people standing in a cap is already close to a waste of time as you often will come out with merely 100 points for your efford.

Yet since we now have kill-multipliers that will net you with higher rewards the more kills you make, people have even less incentive to play objectives, even though capping and making sure your team wins still will grant you the most RP. But in a game with a ton of events that require mission score it´s not always about RP and the game is deceiving about mission score = RP in the end. Many also rather seem to rely/trust in their teammates to do the capping stuff in hope to increase their teams victory chances and own points by maximizing their kills.

On a map like Karelia, the decision when you made it to B after match start to either go for the cap or use your momentum to push a bit ahead and fire into the flank of the enemy appears not like a real decision anymore. You can see people ignore the cap and going for the kills and when that approach works they ignore the cap closest to the enemy cap as well in order to move into a position to best fire onto everything leaving the enemy spawn.

So when playing the objective appeared unattractive before, it has now only increased since the number of kills will grant you higher RP boosters.

Might perfectly be that people don´t see an issue with that in the first place as multiple approaches can lead to your teams victory but I feel like capping has to be made more attractive again. Simply by not only counting kills towards your “skill bonus” but caps as well.

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