Decent Idea To Prevent Copy Pasta

Now I dont care if devs read this or not. And certainly dont care about its realism, you cant use realism and wt in the same sentence after the removal of era accurate matchmaking (us fighting germans and not fighting brits for ex.)

Since devs dont really care about major tech trees and instead choose to add eastern european copy pasta tech trees like finnish and hungarian, there is a pretty good solution that prevents it being copy pasta.
Add minor european powers to a single tech tree rather than different subtrees. Wot did this to some extent in its mobile version iirc. Just mix Hungarian, Yugo, Czech, Finnish, Polish etc. into a single tech tree and remove the copy pasta content. I know it isnt historically accurate but devs dont really have the right to use this as an argument since they turned the game into a clownfest by adding only copy paste vehicles, making maps extremely linear and making really dumb br changes that basically made tanks like t44 or m60 useless. Nobody is going to grind like the 5th different tech tree t55 to play a dollar tree version of puma. Or even worse, grind the entire finnish tree even though the 15 vehicle subtree only has 2 finnish vehicles. Like Israel was kinda understandable since it at least had somewhat unique Patton and t55 tanks. But others are just lazy copy paste trees that make grind even more annoying. Mixing the minor nation tech trees would eliminate this problem since they cover each others gaps in the tech tree.
This is the best solution since Gaijin refuses to add actual unique vehicles that saw proper combat (it is really funny that they choose to add a Tiger 2 P that has a different name rather than idk M48A5, Sabra M60, 75mm Aec or Staghound that actually saw combat)

This is just a rant on this because I am sick of seeing tanks that have a symbol next to their name.


I so agree with you, the nation system no longer makes sense if in the end all countries have the same vehicles, adding sub-trees literally kills the game system

This could be a solution

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For this you are condemned, in the name of the holy balance!

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I mean the Swedish Tiger 2 P did see combat. It was abandoned in France for a reason. And it is in fact a unique vehicle in that its a very early Tiger 2 P with a new model to go with it.

era matchmaking doesnt make sense because warthunder doesnt operate in terms of eras.


Unfortunately, this is the case, although it is still advertised with vehicles from different eras and any sensible person would expect a separation in this sense.

I mean the Swedish Tiger 2 P did see combat. It was abandoned in France for a reason.

But not in Swedish service. Remember what happens when enemy tanks or what ever equipment was found abandoned on a battlefield or get captured. Right, it was testeted to find out what it can do and how it can be combated. This opens the door to gaijin’s copy & paste even more. Hooray!

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There is players asking for Poland tree, yugos, Brasil. Gaijin doesn’t need a “reason”, players served them in silver platter

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That’s a completely different story and I don’t care as long as I’m not playing against fantasy opponents.

Captured vehicles were allready a thing. And this is a unique depiction of a specific vehicle and not some generic Tiger 2 P


Actually any sensible person would realize seperating by era is quite silly in terms of creating good gameplay and balance wise in a game like Warthunder


I don’t know where and when you saw adverts for this game and then decided to play it, but in Germany at least, and also in the German-language game descriptions, exactly this differentiation is suggested.

this seems like a pretty good idea… but they also just need to make the copied vehicles… look Very different and Distinguishable.

They did this with the Kungstiger, imo. (no side skirts and kinda… weird textured skin)

But yeah they are Ruining the game with having T-34’s, PV IV, M24, in Every nations tree (slight exaggeration)

They need to make them much more distinguishable… since you cannot tell the difference really