Dear Gaijin

I am sorry I hurt your feelings, please un-nerf my profile since I get nothing but hits now, no assist, no kills, just hit after hit after I complained on here. Thank you All Players.


Please un-nerf me he above made me say it all, evey time i use a booster i die and i am constantly getting uptiers


Plz oh great snail, bless me and my fellow man with down tiers, good luck and great fortune


Didn’t you know? Boosters are cursed. The higher the % the more cursed they are.


Yeah there are heathen witchcraft


Oh snail, please be purchased by a software company that wants their players to like their game.



See you in the next edition 😆


World of Russia?

Fun fact: Every time you get Gaijined, someone else has a GG.

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Since we have all these arguments over CAS I figured I would make this post to have fun instead of bitching at each other.

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You know I always thought this was a joke, but yesterday I picked up a fair few boosters from the battle pass, and I had the absolute worst games. I mean, not just skill issue type issues but insanely bad RNG on just about anything; such as a tandem ATGM just knocking an ERA block off a T-72 Turms (I mean, I thought the tandem charge was to defeat ERA?), similarly DM33 at 100 meters doing absolutely nothing but ricochet or getting eaten by tracks, the list goes on.

You’d almost start thinking that having a booster active engages a “screw you” mode so you will have a terrible game that might entice you to go buy a new booster because… etc. etc.

But that’d be conspiracy thinking >.>



I think the average IQ of my team mates in all battles dropped significantly yesterday.

Most of the time if I get boosters running 75% or higher I either ignore them or use them with full knowledge I’m gonna get shafted, and 9 times out of 10 it’s an absolute show of a match where the boosters get wasted.

Boosters are absolutely cursed and nobody can tell me otherwise.

Same, got nerfed hard, only hit hit hit recently.

Just play rusia

Pleas nerf russian armour 😆