Dear Gaijin! Please stop using Google translate and AI to make crew voices, they are awful

So, after they added the hungarian tree, i nearly teared down my face hearing some of the hungarian lines.
Usually i don’t care about things like this, small mistakes can happen, but this…

I am going to use a video with the raw lies, without any radio effect added to them.
The video is this:

Each time, i will include a time, at which an error occures.

3:38 “Motort megállítani”. The word “megállít” is used when you stop something from moving.
It should be “Motort leállítani”. Both mean to stop something, but they are not the same.

3:44 “Sabot-t betölteni” and
16:53 “Sabot betöltve”.
The first one is not that awful, since it is said like in english. The correct term would be “Űrméret alatti leválóköpenyes lőszer”. But since nobody would say that, i dont have any better, than to suggest using just “Páncéltörőt betölteni” (“Load armor piercing”) for all solidshot types. British crew already says “Armor piercing” for solidshot (AP, APDS, and APFSDS).
Another way could be to use the word “Páncélgránát” for APHE (equivivalent to the german “Panzergranate”), and use “Páncéltörő” for the rest.

And now for the 16:53 “Sabot betöltve” part. Oh my god!
The guy literally says the hungarian word “Szabó”, which means Taylor. TAYLOR!
He literally says, that “Taylor loaded”. The only situation it makes some sense is this:

3:49 “Kartácslövedéket betölteni”. Just “Kartácsot betölteni”. the original one is correct, it just uses a needlessly longer version.

4:02 “Repeszek”. What does that even supposed to mean? It means “Shrapnels”, but in what context? Did the guy get hit by it, or what?

4:05 “Nagyerejű robbanószer”. Oh boy. This is literally made by some translator program. It is not Google translate, because it gives something ever more BS, but still.
This is a direct translation of “High explosive”. In hungarian, we do not use this type of word. We call it just “Robbanószer/robbanóanyag”.
However, HE shells are meant to create shrapnels, and therefore it is called “Repeszromboló”, or more commonly “Repeszgránát”. this one is actually in the name of the Turán III’s HE shell name.
Another issue is in the word “robbanószer”. It means “explosive” (like the material, like TNT).
If you load “robbanószer” into something, you mean to blow that thing up, and not to shoot it.
This whole phrase just implys that the crew wants to blow up the gun barrel/breech .
The correct way would be “Repeszgránátot betölteni”. Another way could be just “Repeszt betölteni”.

4:15 “Nagyerejű tankelhárító” is another machine translation. It is meant to be the HEAT ammo.
In hungarian it is “Kumulatív(gránát)”. The whole line should be “Kumulatívot betölteni”.

4:24 “Nagyerejű robbanófej” Is this meant to be HESH?
If yes, then it should be “Rogyókúpos páncéltörőt betölteni”.

4:42 “Füstbombát betölteni”. It is not that bad, but “Füstgránátot betölteni” is better.

5:10 “Éjjellátást ki/be”. It sounds like a skill you can unlock. The correct one should be “Éjjellátót ki/be”.

5:31 “Kanalat elrakni” What?! “Take the spoon away”. Do they mean the dozer blade? For that the next one, “Tolólapátot elrakni” is somewhat OK. I just can’t come up with something better.

7:14 English-like saying of BMP. Should be similar to how germans would say it.

7:17. When he says the distance, he says “Hatótávolság”. That word means “effective range”. A weapon has “hatótávolság”, but that word can’t be used for expressing the distance of something.
Correct word is just “Távolság”.

7:23. Again, english-like saying of Leclerc, and Leopard, Merkava. For my sanity’s sake it is “LeOpárd”, not “Lepárd”.

7:32. “Közbetlen közelről” Or just “Közelről”. They mean “from close”. The correct one is “Közvetlen előttünk”, or “Előttünk”.

7:45, yet again, bas saying of “Panther”.

7:50 “Légvédelmi rakéta”. It is fine, but it is used on TDs too. it is funny when i see a Tortoise on the test drive map, and it is identified as a SAM.

8:02. Not again. Bad saying of “Tiger” this time.
Currently this is how i feel:

8:12 “pilótanélküli harcigép” It is a bloody drone, we use that word!

8:17 “A sas felszállt” means “The eagle took off”. This is just cringe on the highest level.

8:19 “Felderítőt visszaszerezni”. It soundsy like the drone was stolen.

9:36 “A motor online” Yet. Another. Machine. Translation. We NEVER say that. It was directly translated from the neglish lines.
It should be “Motor megjavítva” or “motor működik”.

9:48 “A motor kiégett”. It means “The engin burnt out”. At this time i myself start to do so too. The line is correct tho, my mental stability just keeps getting worse.

10:00 “tűz a fegyvertérben”. It is not bad, but the word “fegyvertérben” should be swapped for “küzdőtérben”.

10:28 “Töltéskezelő” is just too long. It is correct, but nobody would actually say that. It should be just “töltő”.

15:18 “Lövés elindítva”. Another clear example of machine translation. “Elindítani” means “to start”, or “to launch”. Here, it can not be used.
It should be “Lövés leadva” (this line is already in, so the crap one should be just deleted.

17:08 “repeszlövedékek betöltve” means “HE shells loaded”. So they can apearently loand multiple shells into the barrel?

from 17:15 aka the return of the “nagyerejű robbanószer” and his friends return.

17:49 another clearly machine translated line, with likely to be voiced by AI.
we don’t use “MG” for machineguns. We have “péppuska”, or “golyószóró”.

After all, this was a DISASTER! I have no words. This company is registered in Hungary, yet they could not find someone to translate them correctly, and even made the voices with AI (this latter one is not 100%, but i find it hard to believe that anyone would willingly say these lines, even for money).

I have heared that the Czech ones are horrible too.
I also have seen this video about someone talking about the finnish ones being trash:

Is there other languages that are bad?


You do realize there not AI-generated right? Actual VAs are making those voices who aren’t native to the said language and if you aren’t aware this is common, very common in fact in the Voice acting territory.

Gaijin has also stated that they are planning to change the voices it isn’t a permanent thing as the voices are partially temporary placeholders.

On the Translation of words, I have no say on this and I won’t dive into it, but I do agree if there wrong they need to be fixed. I doubt google translate was used though.


I agree, these new voices are all bad, not only the Hungarian ones. They’re dull, inaccurate, and messed up. For example, why the loader sounds normally and all other crew members are over the radio? Or at the start of the battle, the spawn-in interactions sometimes they can be heard and sometimes not. The radio filter isn’t good either. Gaijin, please bring back the old pre-update crew voices, they were much better and there was no need to replace them! Many of us would appreciate it!


I must say i wouldn’t mid if Gaijin did like a “add” for players that they can record voice lines, send them to Gaijin, and if they would be good (especially the quality), Gaijin could reward the players like…i don’t know few thousand GE and special title

You do realise that i stated that i am not 100% sure if they are. If you can’t understand that, you are on the level of the average wehraboo.

There isn’t any problem with pronounciation, and hungarian isn’t a langauage you will pronuonce correctl if you aren’t native, even if you live here for a decade.

Sources please.

So then why the hell they spend money on making something that is completly trash?
Oh, we are talking about Gaijin. It makes sense now.

I just wrote it into the title for a bit of clickbait. I also don’t think it, but it is 100% they used some kind of machine.

It would be nice. But giving away GE?! What? Even for work??
That is never going to happen with them.

Feedback will be passed on for consideration… Thank you for taking a great deal of time going over a number of issues!

Gaijin knows that accuracy is important… and as its been mentioned, somethings maybe just a place holder for now

With many contracts for things of VAs or even art work for Gaijin, there is always some form of compensation for work done… sometimes it can be GEs or $$$

You could make a suggestion! might be a interesting idea!

Hello, there are also errors with the French voice lines. Should I make a separate topic or could I just post it here ?

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Hiya! a separate topic tends to be best, helps to avoid confusion o7

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The error is with the french langauge itself! (IT WAS A JOKE, SO EVERYONE CALM THE HECK DOWN)

Are the french line this bad like the hungarian lines too?

Yeah…sadly i dont know how to make polls in post. So my suggestion would get deleted

When you make a Topic, there is a Gog Wheel icon on the end of the tool bar… tho im not sure if you need to be at a certain Forum Rank tho…


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Thanks. And into what suggestion category should i put it in? I guess sounds?

Might be best to ask a Suggestion Moderators, they would show you the correct spot for it

would be actually nice, the playrbase would help, there would be trolls but the playerbase would help in any case, spanish tanks use the voice used in italy so spanish players can help with that. oh no they added an andorran tank(its just an example, they do not have an army) then people that speak catalan could help.

like this

  • make playerbase do the tank crew sound and give em GE
  • make gaijin use badly paid actors and pay em lotta money

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Nah not as bad, just some mistakes here and there.

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At least that is better.

The updated German tank crew voices are pretty meh, like old grumpy men discussing their last fishing trip over some beers, too many beers probably. The old classic German crew voices were amazing, I wish there was a sound mod to bring them back.

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This is the other part. the old sounds were just objectively better. Especially the swedish one, with th e"mista moon"!