Dear father of christmas... (wish what you would like the moust for christmas in warthunder.. I dunno got bored on forum dont ask)

Dear father of christmas,
I wish for christmas at least a way to get event vehicle of your choosing from event you have missed (a lot of those just have now no way to get as they are not even in store so why are they even in game?- also not really a fan when there is like aniversary and you randomly get a vehicle that you dont like and never gonna play). Also new players have no way of getting vehicles of events that were before they even started playing and I think thats just not fair especially for new players (not like I am new player but I still missed a lot of event vehicles as I dont play often). Thats all I guess (I really wanna type 3 Ka-Chi btw)? What do you wish ?


Alpha Jet

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I agree with the OP.

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I even bought the first Star 🌟 for it! GIMME!

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First star 🌟 for it? wdym?

I want “榛名”…
Well, there are other things I’m missing, but I want Battleship Haruna the most.

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I am fine with Kongo (金剛) as its almoust same exept for few AA. Tho cant wait for Yamato class.

It was part of a Task Grind Event, but it was still the old System where you needed to complete challenges to get a Star. For 6 collected Stars 🌟 you got the Vehicle.

Every 2 days you could just pay for the Star 🌟 and get it, but this whole system was new to me and I did not know how much it could cost me in total (999 GE x 6 now I know)

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My wish is simple: I wish I was able to play the Tiger II 105, the Panther II, and the Coelian.

Now gotta wait for a shooting star… 😁




I would be a very happy camper if they added a ZBD86A. That, or any ground vehicle with the HJ-8 missile, like the ZDF89.

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I wish

  • Lvt (A) (4) M8 Turret
  • T55E1
  • T69 AA (M8 Greyhound with the M16 Turret 4x .50 Cal.)
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I remember something like you could buy a task for like 999 ge if you missed it and you needed like 6 done but I do not remember it begin called or look like stars 🌟I mean it could be maybe I just did not notice. Still, why cant you at least buy the vehicles now? They are just gone forever and even the buying for Ge when they still could be obtained is like 6 times more expensive than normal premium for Ge if you miss the time to do the tasks. Like I am not the kind of person that spends ones summer grinding video game.

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Hmmm a RAAF Black Cat ^^

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I wish that the VT-4B gets its actual -30km/h reverse instead of -14km/h that it is on the dev server.
And I wish for the ZTQ-15 (Or VT-5, or VN17), oh so very much…

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Where is your pfp from if I may ask? Like where you got it. As I see a lot of ppl using it while I have no idea how do you even get it.

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I’m not sure - I just logged in one day and got this profile picture and the title “Deception Master”.
As I love China in War Thunder, it felt like a natural pfp to me. I believe it might be attained by playing the Chinese tech tree to some high rank or perhaps a certain number of battles playing the Chinese tree?

But I’m honestly not sure as I quite literally got it out of nowhere, with nothing indicating where from.

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I see.

You can play tutorial to use panther II. Funny that there is tutorial for vehicle you can no longer get.

a good game

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