Dealing with spawncampers once and for all

So I have had a ton of problems avoiding spawncampers in Air Arcade Battles. There are certain player types and squadrons that ADORE getting behind your spawn and STAYING there until you spawn, then swooping in and killing you before you even have a chance to see them, let alone kill them.

I have the F-4E Phantom II at Rank VII and the AV-8A Premium, the F-100D Super Sabre and the A-4B Skyhawk at Rank VI. I’ve suffered spawncampers all the way from Rank I and I’m sick of it.

This sort of thing is absolutely abusive, so here’s what I propose as a way to stop it.

My proposition, is that any player who goes behind the other team’s spawn gets an instantaneous kick from the battle after ten seconds (just like leaving the battle area) and is forbidden from returning until a ten-minute leaver penalty expires.

During the ten seconds the player is behind the enemy spawn, any attempted weapons fire or even radar locks on opposing players that take place will cause their plane to explode instead, and the entire opposing team (whose spawn they are behind) gets the credit. (So in a 16v16 one spawncamper will earn the spawncamped team the equivalent reward of shooting down 16 enemy planes.)

They also completely forfeit their SL and RP earnings from the battle which get distributed equally to the spawncamped team, and go straight to last place.

All of this reoccurs per crew, per spawncamper - so if the entire enemy team spawncamps, they instantaneously lose, essentially throwing the match no matter how many tickets they had previously.

Also, any squadrons caught spawncamping have their eSports privileges automatically revoked, meaning that squadron can no longer compete in Gaijin-sponsored eSports events as it means they were caught cheating.

The idea behind this is to heavily penalize players that spawncamp as well as entire teams and squadrons that allow spawncamping. The message: Play fair or suffer the consequences.


A better solution to this could be to have the airspawn get higher the further on in the match it is, that this is starting to happen maybe.

It’s not bad to be able to get over top of you as that is air superiority, and height advantage, and with it being a squadron, they have coordination.

When I play lower end arcade matches I usually tell people to dive from spawncampers when they become clear, but many still climb to stall and die.

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Force spawning at airfield.

I see no problem with them simply getting above you when in the middle of the battlefield and far away from your own spawn, it’s them getting both above and behind you, before you’re able to spawn that is the problem, because that’s the kill zone: By the time you’re able to turn your nose to face them and get weapon lock, they’re on your six o 'clock and you’re dead.

And yeah, try telling a prop plane to dive when the enemy has Mach 3+ guided air-to-air missiles and you’re stuck at 0.95 Mach even in a dive. That’s bad advice, simple as that - and I speak from experience on that too.

No, I still believe my solution is best: Nobody should be able to get above and behind the other team’s air spawn. Not even a squadron with coordination, because having good coordination is no excuse for having poor sportsmanship.

That’s all spawncamping is, poor sportsmanship. No more, no less.

That’s worse, since that leaves you completely vulnerable to both bombs and missiles.

It’s mind boggling that it’s been a thing for 10 years straight.


Speaking for the campers here:
a/ it takes skill to get there in the first place, as you generally need to clean up the high sky before.
b/ most campers do not go for the instant surprise kill, but are content with eliminating the fools who try climbing at them (and stopping enemy bombers); the niekulturny campers you describe usually don’t last long, as dropping to spawn position almost guarantees that other planes will spawn on your 6 and cripple or kill you.
c/ a simple remedy is to warn your teammates as soon as you see a camper or potential camper, so that the element of surprise is lost.
d/ any moderately skilled pilot should be able to either lure a camper into a situation where he will get killed by the team, or, if the camper is too smart for that, ignore him, climb elsewhere and get on his back while he’s busy trolling.

Speaking for the non-campers here, and someone who has been a victim of campers more times than he can count:

a) It doesn’t actually take any skill whatsoever to get to that position, spawncampers are well known for having a distinct lack of any skill except for their skill at camping and sneak-attacking while people are unable to defend themselves. Take me on in a 1v1 in the middle of the map, far away from my spawn and I can guarantee you all your crews will be dead, and any boosters and backups wasted, in the time it takes you to read this post.
b) Most campers do indeed go for the “if-you-spawn-you’re-instantly-dead” kill, as they don’t need to drop to spawn position.
c) I’ve warned my teammates as soon as I see a camper, the campers stay right where they are and continue nuking my team regardless. They don’t give a flying fudge about surprise, they simply care about bullying helpless players.
d) Any moderately-skilled pilot will be executed as soon as they spawn. I speak specifically as one of those moderately-skilled pilots.

Spawnkillers are NOT an issue in Air Arcade !
If you cannot deal with them then you’re just bad. Lear to play or change game mode (you can try Air RB).


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Funny you say that because you got the worst stats I have ever seen for a VERY long time … and I’ve seen a lot ! ^^

They’re not cheating, they play the game.
A good player kills, a bad one dies !
You’re just a groundpounder and even with that you’re bad at it.

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Say the guy with an average K/D of minus 10.
You don’t have even ONE vehicule with positive ratio. Come on …


And as I said, stats aren’t everything. For example, the stats you’re reading are years out of date.

The server doesn’t even have any of my better replays, including any of the matches I played today. I know this to be a fact, since I checked while in-game today.

I haven’t played a match in at least five years. Today was my first time back in the game since before the big boycott was a thing back in 2019. My last replay on the server was several years before that.

You’re a terrible player.
Why can’t u admit it ?
Not my fault, not your team mates fault nor the spawncampers fault.
Fact is your gameplay style is : spawn, run, bombs, dy … repeat again & again.

I do not care you’re a bad player but don’t blame spawncampers for that !

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I didn’t think people still played arcade at that BR.

Yep, people still play it and for various reasons.

Some of us like an easier challenge like not being killed by our own planes when we go the slightest over-G. Some of us like the easier control scheme - we don’t have anything more than a mouse and keyboard. Some like both reasons. Some have other reasons beyond the two I listed.

Some of us - like myself - would prefer a pure PvE mode like Assault Arcade but where you can actually use your boosters and gain full RP and SL. But unless and until War Thunder turns into an Ace Combat game, Arcade is the closest we’re going to get.


Yeah, if you want your wings ripped off by the slightest over-G, or want to be forced to play with complicated control schemes and/or have an actual throttle and stick.

“Dumbcade” ain’t dumb if you play smart.

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