Dealing with Lag in Air Arcade

I’m attempting to reduce latency issues I’m seeing in-game. Air Arcade, almost exclusively fighters which likely amplifies this.

This was always something of a problem but not to the point where it severely affected game play or if it did it would be a few moments of high packet loss and then back to normal -or- I’d lose server connection and get the boot.

Several updates back this behavior changed, seemingly for the better in that I almost never get a lost server connection now but instead see packet loss 1-10% for periods in almost every game with near constant lag to some degree. I recognize that some amount of lag is a feature of how MMO games must work and that it’s a bloody miracle we can do this at all. Yay intertubes.

But the specific behavior in WT changed, with side effects:

Sometimes it’s just about impossible for me to hit anything at all. The random shifts in player position I can overlook, but if you aren’t shooting where you think you are shooting that’s kind of a problem. To get the inevitable “skill issue” comments out of the way: while sometimes I do indeed suck I’m an experienced enough player to know how to aim and when something will hit. I have some games in which this doesn’t happen at all.

By way of example, in a replay just now I can see that I’m -way- behind in leading the shot even though in game I was aiming well ahead of the enemy to try to compensate and from my perspective in game the shots were well placed. Please do not comment on the lead indicator - I often turn it off or ignore it and I’m not talking about aiming at that. If this was reasonably consistent I’m sure I could adjust but it’s highly variable every match - sometimes my shots are bang on exactly where I’d expect them to hit and sometimes absolutely nothing connects even though I know from experience it was a perfect angle, perfect convergence distance, etc. I see this in any plane, it doesn’t matter.

Another player recently mentioned the same issue so I’m hoping for some perspective or even some advice for what I can do to minimize this. Clearly this was a change on Gaijin’s side to reduce kicking people out which is probably a good thing but perhaps there is something I can do? I’ve tried tweaking network settings per some “optimize your PC for gaming” guides (enable TCPNoDelay in the registry, turn Interrupt moderation off, etc). I’m on Windows 11. AMD Ryzen 7 5800 X on a MAG B550 motherboard, 64GB Ram, M.2 drive, Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics card. A typical ping to most IPs will get me an average of around 25-35ms with a max of 45-50ms or so. Nothing has changed on my network - the PC is wired directly to a gigabit Ubiquiti switch.

TBH, I figure if I could scrub off even 10ms the packet round trip this would help. Or at least y’all can tell me that’s just the way it is and I should fly boats instead.