Dead planes with pilots

I dont know about other game modes but in ARB planes that are black from being killed are still flying around and getting points be it bombing bases or shooting the enemy. I have flown back to base many times while being killed and have been repaired, but getting points i think that is wrong, should be in or out not maybe.
Has it increased?

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It was actually something mentioned on the news feed last week…

It’s been in for a while, and it works well.

People need to completely make sure they can’t fly at all.

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also black doesn’t mean dead

Black dont crack lol.

Yesterday i seen 1 flying so i chased him and shot him, hes like saying hes all ready dead and im like saying you can still land

Sounds like they improved kill mechanics, more kill stealing on its way lol.

What happens if your black and the game ends?

Would be nice if you could land in a field and repair or at least improve flight

I’ve been trying to get in a situation where I do end up back at the airfield under that state.

Last month I took my FW190 back to the field without either wingtip, so no ailerons, but that wasn’t under this condition.

You get a new plane abd a 2nd chance