Dead Planes still getting kills in the afterlife?

Went SPAA in a GF mid tier game. Saw a enemy Tempest coming at me, shoot him, plane bursts into flames, ‘aircraft destroyed’ pops up, I turn to target the other enemy plane in the area but the ‘dead’ Tempest machine guns me… If a tank or boat is destroyed the crew cannot still aim the gun and kill the assailant. Why do planes still get special privilege’s? If its not dead don’t say its dead.


When you get the kill message on a plane, it could be because of many different reasons. But most often its caused by overall damage on the plane, but that does not mean the pilot is dead nor control is gone.

They dont get special privileges, its just that planes have different standards of destruction. Planes are kinda more gimped compared to tanks for example, when you can still fly and return to base safely you are usually forced out. Kinda the same as if you were forced out of a tank if your tracks were destroyed.


Already on the roadmap. Please be patient.

For an air target that is considered shot down under current conditions, but still has the ability to hit its offender, or if there are munitions on fire, we are going to add a delay on reporting the frag, possibly blocking the control of the shot aircraft after some time.


And a very long time overdue…

That nonsense has been epically annoying playing most SPAA or open tops in the mid and lower BR ranges, frag them at a distance but they still get you in the end.

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I have made kills after my declared ‘death’, why wouldn’t AI do the same?

I’ve had teammates shoot down an enemy that is behind me in ground RB, only for that “Aircraft Destroyed” to still be able to turn and continue firing in my direction.

This is finally a welcome change "if’ it’s actually implemented from Ground RB.

That doesn’t sound like it solves anything at all, just give you the kill later.

The current issue is the misleading info about already killed the target while isn’t actually.

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The current issue is the massive advantage planes have over SPAA and the fact that anything short of a pilot kill results in a trade kill with the SPAA, another issue is the absolutely joke that are helicopter damage models being able to fly around without issue for 20 seconds after getting their entire tail blown off and absorbing APFSDS like nothing.

A plane that is going to crash should just have the pilots bail, weapon systems fail, ailerons being uncontrollable

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I don’t deny “CAS overpowered” might be an issue (including the unreal DM), but they already have own topics to discuss.

Whether to bail is up to the pilot (player), kamikaze a doomed aircraft is a valid strategy also existed IRL.

IMO Gaijin should apply pilot state to repair cost like 30% to encourage saving pilot, but it should never be forced.

Weapon system availbility issue is about the DM refinement, not directly relates to aerodynamic state.


Regardless, what it comes down to is that SPAA lose in the fast majority of the situation because of how plane death is managed and this isn’t about to change, delaying the kill is entirely meaningless and won’t affect the outcome.

My ship AI stops shooting at the dead plane. Also, when a plane kill is made, the enemy is greyed out. Am I supposed to do health check on the enemy pilot every time I make a kill?
A dead ship is a dead ship, even though it still has some crew left and a bunch of operational guns. Why can’t a ship shoot back while it still has guns above water?
What is a chance that a plane shot to pieces (reported dead) still has the bomb dropping mechanism working?
Edit: Funny thing is, once in a while I see enemy ships with 0% crew shoot back at me from multiple cannons. That is a hoot.


‘Aircraft Destroyed’ doesn’t mean all the crew are dead too. It’s happened to me and I’ve managed to get other planes the same way, just have to be more cautious.

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The whole point is it’s not supposed to be this way. Destroyed means destroyed. It’s BS how it is now. When I hit 2 ADATS missiles straight to the face of the KAs where the cockpit is you’re telling me that it shouldn’t kill the crew? Yet it still flies around in a ball of fire (labeled aircraft destroyed), able to steer where it wants to go as it’s falling to the ground for almost a minute, and gets to fire away still killing stuff? Nah it’s not right. And it certainly is almost always the Russian stuff doing it. KAs. No way in hell a crew that should be dead, in a ball of fire, in real life is going to be able to do this.


Then it’s NOT dead so don’t SAY it’s dead!


The FAR bigger issue is the fact that pilots (in arcade at least) get to kamikaze dive into a ground vehicle to ensure their bombs or rockets don’t miss, or die/behave in any way they like without ANY risk to them. It’s WAAAAAAAAAAAY past time that pilots in arcade mode were made to pay for such reckless actions with a life, the same way tank users do. I think this would largely solve the CAS issue (in arcade mode) as it would make people think before just jumping in a plane with total impunity. If, were you to die in the plane (to either CAS, tanks, or enemy planes), you lost one of your three tanks/lives and the associated RP, players would be far less likely to behave with reckless abandon when they climb into the plane.


Which solves the problem of players being surprised to be killed by someone who they presumed dead.

Yeah, if you look a the “Aircraft Destroyed” thing from a AB perspective, it’s really odd, indeed

In RB you can be “Destroyed” but still airborne, I did many frags with one missing wing up there, even tried to land a few times

And then, in Air AB, destroyed means you got 15s to pack your shit up and bail out, despite sometimes the fact you could still glide or even try to land

I do personally think that a aircraft kill should be a “Pilots ded” for GAB, use the ARB kill condition for AAB and keep the actual solution for GRB and ARB

Or nothing changes and you just have to overkill planes in GAB like I often do

A gazillion threads were made in the old forum about this. As far as i know:
Players don’t get punished for losing the aircraft, no repair, no points are deducted from tickets, etc.

What i would suggest:

Repair cost or at the very least tickets lost;

Planes will only fly in from their side / half of the map, not from the enemies side;

Let interceptors fly in from friendly side so head on engagements, unlike the situation where my interceptor couldn’t catch up with the attacker/ bomber at full throttle and in slight dive;

Still single drop attackers labeled as bomber;
Limit the bomber down given to lights or change it to an attacker;

Change damage model and kill message, planes/ helicopters can take to much punishment while belts on spaag act like thermal nuclear ammo;

Unless I’m mistaken TOW style atgm can only be fired from helicopters at a hover or very slow momentum, just like ground vehicles. Beam riding atgm’s work differently;

Limit the amount of spawns, if you lose an aircraft you can’t spawn it again, another incentive to keep it alive;

Fix CAS br compared to GFAB br, a 9.0 line up should not face Tiger with PARS a 10.3 core with fire and forget missiles, or ka52 with Vikr’s;

Limit visibility for CAS, only friendlies and actively spotted enemies are visible, without vehicle class or type. To prevent the way to easy way for singling out vunerable vehicles;

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fun update on this subject.

This week i played on 38th parallel map. Spawned in with a CV90 SPAAG variant, immediately an air event started so got ready. Helicopters started to spawn in, used radar lock to fire at more then 2,5 km with prox rounds, killed 1. the other was an Alligator, after some persuasion with more HE-VT, i got the kill message and it seemed to crash behind some terrain feature.

Since my ready rack was almost empty, so i drove closer to a hill for cover and let the reloading process finish, to my surprise he popped up from behind the hill, still greyed out and killed me with rockets, the few rounds i had already loaded were not enough to finish him off (again).

Not only was the kill message false, but he had full control of the chopper and its weapon systems.
I get that they want to give the full “combined arms” experience, but:

  • Why do planes get their own dedicated plane only mode in AB, RB, SB?;

  • Why is GFAB the only mode where planes have no negative consequence to losing said plane?

  • why is the difference in BR’s between Ground and Air and directly related their capabilities so great?

    • just checked on wiki, why in gods name are top tier helicopters 10.3 in GFAB, while 11.7 in GFRB?
    • this means 9.3 can face Tiger UHT, AH-64D, KA-50/2, Mangusta, etc, etc,…;
    • All of these have 7-8km missiles some Fire and Forget;
    • Meanwhile ground has either stinger variant SPAA with 6km launch, or canon SPAAG with prox,
      both too easily avoided by air with either maneuver or countermeasures.