Dassault Mirage 2000-B501 (RBE2) - Banc D'essai du Rafale

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Dassault Mirage 2000-B501 (RBE2) - Banc D’essai du Rafale

Hi and welcome to my 31th suggestion, which is about the Mirage 2000-B501 testbed, hope you like it. :popcorn:

First of all:

  • This is a suggestion for an aircraft we could see in game at some point in the Future , that doesn´t mean next Patch or somewhere in the near Future
  • Feel free to share more Information and / or correct me if something is wrong
  • Discuss respectfully, any aggressive kind or verbal abuse will be reported, the Forum rules also apply here


Mirage 2000B #501 pre-Rafale modifications

Background History

In the 1970s, France aimed to upgrade its fighter jet arsenal. Initially pursuing a twin-jet configuration, the direction shifted when Dassault Aviation proposed a single-jet design, the “Delta 2000,” due cost concerns that stopped the original program in 1975.
France chose the Delta 2000 project and initiated four prototypes of the single-seat fighter aircraft called the Mirage 2000C, which were tested extensively from 1978 to the early 1990s. Simultaneously, they developed a two-seater training version called Mirage 2000B, incorporating specific modifications compared to its single-seat counterpart.
The Mirage 2000B served as a combat trainer platform, adapted for instructional purposes with adjustments such as the removal of certain weaponry and electronics while maintaining operational capabilities. Its dual-seat configuration allowed an instructor in the rear seat to oversee and guide a student pilot in the front, contributing significantly to pilot training within the French Air Force.

The Mirage 2000-B501 Overall

The B501 serves as a test, development and evaluation aircraft for the DGA, from the first RDI tests to today’s RBE2-AA AESA radar and OFS of the Dassault Rafale.
The modifications in this version include the PESA and AESA variants of the Rafale’s RBE2, as well as the TV and IRST sensors. The cockpit is also modified; The system computers and a specially made MFD were adapted to enable plug-n-play conversions in order to prevent major conversion measures. This also makes it possible to test new radar functions or new modes without much effort, as it also allows you to change as well as read out system commands of the test-object (mainly radar and sensors) directly. Everything needed to fly the Mirage 2000 was kept in the cockpit.

Mirage 2000-B501 post-Rafale modifications Cockpit

Its assumed that the B501 will remain in use until 2026, but will then be replaced by an old Rafale airframe, which also come to an end with F.4.2, with modifications; likely to not stand in the way of the development of the Rafale F.5 standard (the lifespan of the Mirage airframe is likely at this time also maxed out, its been serving since 1993).

Armament of the Mirage 2000-B501

Not much is known about the armament of the specific modification. Officially stated are MICA, GBU-12, Mk.82 and CC422. If you search for pictures you will quickly find pictures with SCALP-EG and other guided weapons, but it is not known whether these can/were used.
If anyone knows more about this, please let me know.
Like the Rafale, the Mirage 2000-B501 can be equipped with a TALIOS TGP. For self-defense (when it comes to the game) two MICA (EM / IR) and a CC422 as well as CC630 gun pod with two 30mm cannons are available.

Air-to-Air Missiles

  • 2x MICA EM
  • 2x MICA IR

Guided- / Dumb-Bombs

  • 2-?x Mk.82
  • 2-?x GBU-12

Air-to-Surface Missiles

  • 1x SCALP-EG*

Specifications, Electronics and Internal

  • Crew: 2
  • Length: 14.36 m
  • Wingspan: 14.36 m
  • Height: 5.2 m
  • Max. takeoff weight: 17,000 kg
  • Powerplant: 1x SNECMA M53-2
    • Dry thrust: 64 kN
    • Afterburner thrust: 95 kN
  • Maximum speed: Mach 2.2
  • Service ceiling: 17,060 m
  • Rate of climb: 285 m/s
  • Thrust to weight: 0.91
  • Maximum g-load: +9g / -3g


Thanks for your time, hope you liked it :salute:
[Will add more if there are some (more) important / declassified things]
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In pictures: the fighter jets of the Paris Air Show 2023 - AeroTime
Historia y tecnología militar: Francia retira el Mirage 2000B utilizado como banco de pruebas



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Seems like a promising premium/event aircraft, but given that 6 MICA were aleady mounted on the 2000-5B 01, why it could not be mounting that much missiles ?

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A very interesting aircraft of course but personally I’m not a fan of testbed implementations.