Danish subtree

There should be a Danish subtree to the German tech tree it would add some interesting and exciting vehicles and fill in where some spots in the tech tree miss out

For Germany?
Lol, lmao even.


Out of curiosity, why the German TT and not Sweden? I’m not saying it can’t go to Germany, I am just curious as to why that was the first thought of where to go.


counter argument, do you want sweden to get a danish leo 2a7v?

I never made an argument for it to go to Sweden?


I feel a Danish sub tree would help Germany out to fill in top tier trees. Germany really needs help in their top tier air tree, along with needing support ground vehicles.


So you aren’t just referring to ground: ok.

Yes, I can see how Germany could use the Danes. You could, however, also give them late Canada for ground (but not air, air would go to the US with the F-18s) and Argentina. But I see the argument, and honestly I don’t swing one way or another. Danes could go to Germany or Sweden and I wouldn’t really care. I was just curious if there was a true argument for one way or the other.


Canada will probably only go to the UK with both ground and air trees cause how many people are wining about it.

Argentina was pretty much confirmed for Germany because of the TAMs in the trees. The issue is Argentina doesn’t bring much to the table with top tier aircraft only getting 1 or 2 types of Mirages which I’m sure France mains would get upset.

we got confirmatiion by smin that canada / commonwealth will go where it fits best,
Best example we have reliable sources that the leo 2a4m can that was leaked will be the coming german premium for rank 7

depends, right now they are in proceddings of buying new aircraft and actualy might buy F-16s from denmark

Well they can suck it up and deal with it. It should go to Germany and the US for Ground/Air respectively. Great Britain get a T-90S and Gripen as it is. Why do they need Leos 2? They already have plenty, and more certainly won’t fix anything for them.

Edit: of course, British stuff sold to Canada should go to the British tech tree. But I think that should be the standard- the nation that develops the weapons system should get the weapons system, unless it is incredibly modified to the point of unrecognizability. Any other vehicle can be determined case by case.

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nah. Dutch and Danish vehicles should go to Sweden. The Swiss Vehicles could go to Germany instead, maybe spanish vehicles for italy too.

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Damn I never agreed with putting the Dutch in Germany, but Sweden??

Why that?

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I could see the arguments for adding the Dutch to Germany, but Sweden??


lmao great minds think alike


I mean i understand denmark to sweden, but frwking dutch? That one realy got no place in sweden, arguably not in france either, but it is, what it is


The dutch just loves us Swedes so much that they must be our 6th sub-tree


But I think that should be the standard- the nation that develops the weapons system should get the weapons system, unless it is incredibly modified to the point of unrecognizability.

Yes, I can see how Germany could use the Danes. You could, however, also give them…Argentina.

Reminder that, outside of the TAM and it’s variants, Argentina’s military equipment has essentially zero connection to Germany. Any sub-tree, air or ground, would literally just be a collection of British, French and American copy/paste with a handful of completely domestic designs. Denmark is in a very similar position.

If you’re gonna complain about trees getting foreign copy/pastes, at least be consistent about it.

As for the actual point of this post - Germany has the 2nd largest Ground tree and 3rd largest Air tree, it has barely any gaps as-is and those gaps can be filled by German equipment. Any gap Germany themselves can’t fill, Denmark almost certainly can’t either.


oh denmark can, specialy the coming fox 3 gen 4 fighter gap, where germany is stuck with f4f ice until EF.
Generaly from coldwar onwards germanys air tree isnt that good anymore even more so in the coming times. China will be bigger easily . Even then with italy and uk, germany doesnt necesarily have the 3rd biggest air tree anymore since from colwar onwards germanys air tree gets left behind by quite a bit

I meant primarily for ground. I should have specified. In all honesty, Argentina doesn’t add much. You have the Patagon, the DL 43, and Sherman variants (something every tech tree already has.) Air would go primarily to the US, as their primary fighter is literally an A-4.

Argentina doesn’t add much, realistically, but it’s something.

It makes no sense to place Denmark with Germany, especially to fill out the top ranks of air. We can supply a single F-16 to that end. Literally went from F-100s and 104s straight to the F-16. We did however have the only CAS Draken with 9 hardpoints (only able to mount 2 sidewinders) and a ballistic computer. Obviously that should go in the Swedish TT to fill the gap in their attacker line between the Lansen and Viggen.

As for ground. We don’t even have the 2A7 delivered yet! And we only have a few vehicles that are really worth adding. One is the Nimbus MC with a Madsen autocannon, a few variants of Centurion we don’t already have, and the cv9035 to name some.
Best way to add them would be to make a joint Norwegian/Danish line for the Swedish TT some of them with camos from both nations.