Daily Tasks and Premium Accounts

The economy updates have been a great step in the right direction for improving the player experience, and giving us access to more game content by reducing some of the grind. But since we’re on the subject of making Premium Accounts worth the money, let’s talk about another idea.

Reduced (Premium) Daily and Special Task requirements That’s right. If the entire idea of a Premium account is to reduce the grind, then why not build on that concept by truly reducing the grind, and therefore reducing Daily and Special Task requirements?

Gaijin seems to forget that a huge portion of its playerbase has jobs, families, and a life outside of War Thunder. We don’t have 2-3 hours a day to grind tasks, and then be able to play the portion of the game that we originally turned it on for.

This is why we buy premium. Make it more worth it, and also give players more incentive to spend money on your game. It’s a win, win for everybody.


Why not. Not a bad idea.

Since I do not actually “grind” for specific vehicles anymore and have, instead turned to just doing Daily & Special tasks each day for the BP stuff . . I can support such an idea. They had recently bumped up the requirements a little for some tasks, not terrible or anything, maybe require playing 1 more game to finish, but easing those numbers for premium account holders seems like a worthwhile endeavor. And for AB, please remove the Mission Maker tasks and maybe ease up the number of tasks that start with the word “Win” as well . . . real QoL improvements there! . . . or at least as far as I can tell . . . . lol


Removing the win conditions and those luck-based tasks would help a lot.

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i agree. task with “wins” are so random for doing it … i prefere play 4 battles as 2 “wins” with sames conditions…