Daily battlepass task grind

I have never done battlepass until this season. I had a bunch of spacebucks from accomplishing ranks without really trying, so I managed to buy a low rank vehicle from the shop, so I have done some tasks before this. However, I decided to really grind the ranks for the tank and to see what it’s like. I’m about ready to pull my eyelids out. Even with a stacked tank set of premiums in rank 3, some of these tasks are absurd, and the ones I tend to settle on still take hours to complete. They seem to grow in complexity and difficulty as you gain ranks. Tier 2 went from get 1-7 in a winning match to being 1-3, 5 times. This is actually a fun one because I like my tank lineup for tier 2, but 26 light or medium tanks in tier 3???

So many tasks are completely beyond the control of the player. I remember when I got the task to repair 10 vehicles, and I tried it just to see how long it would take. It was insane. In tier 3, there is almost never an opportunity to help someone with repairs. If I’m not aiming to achieve it through passive play, I’m a detractor of my team by hanging out looking for people to repair and not risking my own. Assists don’t even count toward vehicle type kill counts, so I’m now developing animosity toward my teammates which shouldn’t happen. There’s probably more that can be said about the various tasks. Yes, I know I can change them a lot to get a favorable one, but this deep (or early) into the season, I’m baffled how people can do this season after season for max rewards. It is just not fun. It’s rewarding to accomplish the grind, but it is at the expense of the chill research grind of the game unless you somehow accept being a passive point accumulator over the course of possibly 8 hours of playing.

I’m guessing this is not what the daily tasks were like in the early seasons of battlepass, so this is a culmination of lessons learned, but as a noobie, I find it very discombobulating. I’m bouncing between trying to grind it quick and having to accept the flow and grind it slow often without trying to accomplish it. I just don’t find that very compelling to continue for long periods.

I’ve also managed to get 3 cycles of logins for a chance at a vehicle and gotten vehicle backups every time. The carrot on the stick is not real. I don’t even know what to say. Just… shame on you. What am I even doing here

Personally, I main the ground RB tasks… I’ll check the Air AB tasks if I’m having trouble with it, and if pushed, if a task is good in Ground AB I’ll do that.

I refresh my tasks as soon as they become able to be refreshed, and at that time I’ll make sure I do the first one, then I have 20+ hours to finish the harder one.

If I spend a few hours on the second and can’t get it going, I then see the other modes, and if they’re not working out I cycle the ‘worst’ task of the main 2 (ground RB / Air AB for me) ((If I even have one that is ‘decent’ out of those 2)). If I have neither, I’m rerolling the Ground RB task.

A lot of the ‘effort’ in these dailies is mainly the rolling over of the ‘day’ compared to actually doing them. If you’ve let an expired task sit for hours, those hours stack up and will make you at a disadvantage.

Hope this helps out a bit.

Also the daily logins, happen at a set time, compared to the tasks being 22 hours or something, so bare those in mind.

I’m lucky as the login rollover actually happens mid-day for me.

I’ve done every task each day so far this pass, so I haven’t had to deal with the rollover thing you’re talking about.

I’m saying you want to actually get to know about it because of the fact of how it impacts you…

Just pay 1000 SL and change the task or 5000 to change a second time.Get something like kill 5 vehicles in an SPAA and you are sorted.I agree that some tasks are out of your control and I swop them for tasks that are within your control.


I agree that the “GRIND” really needs to be sorted out. I have been playing everyday now for 1 month, just about to unlock my first tier 3 British vehicle (some people have jobs and families and can not spend 18 hrs a day “GRINDING”… Is This Game Only Designed For People on the Dole and Kids?).

I got fed up with always getting my arse kicked by the German tanks and the Russian tanks so I have now started on the Germans. It will take me another month to get where I am now with the British tree. The higher the tier, the more points you have to grind. Soon it will take a whole month just to GRIND 1 solitary tank. This will never ever be a game that will always be rembered through history. Not like PacMan or Space Invaders that people will be hearing about for decades and decades to come, They were fun, not like all the different GRIND games that are around today.

I have already surrendered to the fact that I will never get the top tier tanks (let alone any planes or bloody ships) because in time I would have found a better tank game that is not so infuriating with the grind or died of old age.


Premium sorts.

I think the game offers everything it can to all ranges, and people on the dole with no kids are just that far end of the spectrum that the game can cater to. There’s nobody beyond that except maybe that and wheelchair bound.

I think you’re supposed to compete to get battlepass lvl 75 throughout the course of the season if you have a life. I just got it yesterday by doing all the challenges, daily tasks, and logins. Did most of the special tasks except maybe a handful.
I don’t think I’ll try to do this again. hahaha

As a “retired” person, I do have the luxury of playing more than most people do I suppose. But that doesn’t mean I play 16 - 18 hours a day either. I spend as much time, if not more, sitting in chat goofing around as I do playing. . . lol. But I also have been working the Warbond Shop for FREE stuff well before the Battle Pass was implemented, so I had some good experience with it beforehand too. I have had more vehicles than I can play for a long time now, and I used to grind HARD, like a mad lad for a very long time to get there. But once I started getting to the new higher tier vehicles that are quite expensive, in RP & time & effort, I backed off and opted to do something less “intense” I guess you could say, so . . . BP it is. I did every Challenge in the very first BP and made it to like lvl 175 or something crazy. I have not done that since then tho . . .lol. I made past lvl 125 every BP so far and will do it again this time I am sure. It’s really not that hard, IF you can put in some time every day.
The key to working the BP is to find a mode and vehicle type you can perform well with on a regular basis and are able to work the tasks in an efficient manner. That really is the key & that most likely will be different for most every player. I do Air AB because that is what I have played the most over the years, I can play pretty well more consistently and I know which tasks to play & which ones to “re-roll”.
That will usually come with experience. Making it past lvl 125 gives you a FREE bp next go round and no extra levels, but there is no cost, so win - win. My advice, do both Daily tasks each day and log in everyday whether you play or not. If you can manage a Special task everyday, all the better. Even tho weekend play can get kinda . . . ugh, you can still work some Special tasks given you have the extra time. Do the Challenges you can do . . not all are suitable for every player to do. YOu can do 6 or 8 of them over the course of the BP and that will help a lot, more is better of course, but just do what you can. After you have gotten thru 2 or 3 BP’s, it should be easier for you to get a handle on how to work them as what is easiest for you. Playing daily really is key, and I am sure it is set up that way. But the rewards are really pretty good, regardless of what vehicles you can get. Sometimes they are excellent, most are ok . . some can be kinda stinky yeah . . . but everybody likes/uses different things. Try to stay calm, do not add anymore pressure on yourself than you have to and remember, it’s a game . . try to have fun. I bet you can get the hang of it soon enough. Hope that helps & good luck!