D day anniversary made me realize that this game became bad for me

So today is the 80th anniversary of the D-Day

And I remember that I started playing this game because I loved WW2 history before all. So I started playing Americans planes and tanks , and I remember that on June 6th I was always Playing sherman to feel like an Allied soldier during WW2 .

Today I wanted to do this again , but then I realized that if I do this I will probably be against Sweden and great Britain and be with Germany .
And I even if I have the chance to be in a classic allied against axis situation ,there would be things such as the m109 or the Leo 40/70 or another cold war thing in anyways .

So that makes me pretty sad . And honnestly I think if I would start playing the game today I would quit fast like I did with wot because of this .
Of course I could play simulator. but it’s a secondary game mode with less player and games. I just think it’s sad that the main game mode became that unrealistic.

Sorry for my bad English I hope you will understand my point and feel free to tell your feeling about this


Besides making the vehicles as accurate as they can, War thunder doesn’t exactly aim to be historically accurate when it comes to everything else

If you want a realistic WW2 game, there are a options out there + some more are being made


If you truly want that feeling, I believe Hell Let Loose or even Enlisted would be great for you. They are infantry based shooters with vehicles though, not strictly armor. Warthunder isn’t set up for historical fights.

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true it’s not a simulation game I know ,but the game used to be a bit historically accurate with allied vs axis and with no cold wars vehicles in ww2 games. that’s what I am trying to say


yeah I play enlisted sometimes !
but WT used to be set up for this a bit at least, and that sad that it isn’t at all today

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All of them were pre 2020 things but, we don’t have anymore because of “balancing”.

Do you still remember when we had guardian angel event in this year?

It was unbalanced as hell because Axis team had Bf 109 Z that could wipe AI B-17s in first few mins. If Bf 109 Z wasn’t part of blankets, Allies team had chance to win.

Historical fights were always skewed. Nobody likes skewed games. I would still want a mode where its pitting historical factions against each other tho.

What’s even more infuriating is that Gaijin keeps throwing this half-assed garbage like current “event” around here and then saying, “Uh oh nobody play historical event”. This is just bs.

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the game you grew to love does not exist anymore


The big change was unlocking the MM. DE + IT could not be with US + GB.

However, this also was inaccurate since Japan was not with Allies during WWII and USSR did not fight against US + GB as they did in early years of WT.

Japan was linked to Germany when they were released.

USSR vs US/UK was probably a queue time thing, but even Air RB had Alternate history Berlin/Krymsk, it was also the one time where a downtiered Churchill III was good.

Upon release in air, but not for ground I do not believe. When France was added there might have been a lock on FR + JP where they could not team in ground.

But apart from when it was just 2 nations the MM has never been truly “historical” outside of the chance for nations being on the “right side” during individual matches.

But I don’t believe US / GB ever fought with or faced USSR during WWII as existed/exists in game.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen this recent video from Phly, but he shares the same sentiment as you. He strongly urged Gaijin to seperate WW2 and Cold War vehicles.

If it makes you feel any better, War Thunder official channel left this comment:


If you want to discuss MM, please use this thread: