Czechoslovakia tech tree?

Anybody knowing if Gaijin will add Czechoslovakia tech tree?


Just play USSR tree…

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I doubt that tree will come any time soon, other nations first need a sub tree like japan and italy

Someone on Reddit made a very extensive one with mostly unique vehicles. It looked pretty interesting.


Hopefully only as a subtree for one of the minor nations

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I dont think we should see former USSR nations be limited to the Soviet tree. I think that would have potential to be overly political. Especially with recent events. I was thinking maybe Poland and have some sub-trees as part of that. Might have some interesting stuff.


With the coming way to research helicopters with tanks it opens the option for multiple ground trees as well, i would rather see the current nations getting more trees like this and poland as example being an extra tree to germany. And i know many wont like that but just like with Korea for Japan it makes it easier and better to give new nations a better well rounded line up or you end up with another Israel.
Part of me wants it as well to gather all Panthers in 1 tech tree, the ww2 panthers, KF51 Panther and the Korean K2 Black Panther the polish got in 1 tree

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There needs to be a balance between too many new nations that are half empty, and adding other nations to pre-exisitng ones. A few do make sense, like commonwealth into great britain. But they do also need to be careful to not imply things like Ukraine are still part of the USSR. That would not go down well, and it needs somewhere else to go, Prehaps just an “other” nations, a collection of interesting vehicles from outlying nations that is unlocked once research max rank with any tree.

I think that best scenario for implementing nations like Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia and others would as part of some kind of multinational TT. Where the nation would be grouped based on simmilar historical background and simmilar technological progression.

I don´t think that separate TT are needed for all these nations because they all would be filled with same copypaste vehicles which can be mostly avoided by grouping them together.

So for example in case of Czechoslovakia it could be part of CEE tech tree with Poland, Yugoslavia, Ukraine and Baltics. Without Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary which would IMO neatly fillout subtree line for Italy.

I made ilustration how such TT could look like:


Some stats and explanation for the ribbons:

  • Green - mass production/limited serial production
  • Yellow - prototype vehicle
  • Red - non-domestic design without modifications
  • Blue - potential adition vehicle in development/being produced

Researchable TT has 90 vehicles of which only 11 are non-domestic designs without modifications, as for copy paste (designs already present in game with no difference to the ones already in game) there are 15 of them. As for distribution of vehicles across nations Czechoslovakia has 29, Poland 30, Yugoslavia 32, Ukraine 8 and Lithuania 1


There is a lot of czech designed vehicles that are not in game so playing ussr would be like playing a watered down texh tree.

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I as a czech was thinking the same thing but maybe something like a western slav tech tree or V4 tech tree.

V4 is off the table since they will add Hungarian sub tree in next update

Last time someone showed me “lot of czech designed vehicles that are not in game” there were like 5 truly unique vehicles and rest were just mods of soviet/german tanks and airplanes with modifications that would make no difference in Warthunder.