Cv9030fin br

why is the cv9030fin 9.3? it seems to have no advantages over ifvs of similar br when you look at it
the only advantage seems to be gen 3 thermals and the radiator that soaks up every shell, but it seems like it struggles to kill anything. even when not uptiered to fight leo 2a4s and t-72av it struggles to do damage to anything that isnt a spaa or atgm carrier, and most ifvs can kill you faster with atgms or larger/faster autocannons if you try to engage them. personally, i think it would be a lot better around 8.3-8.7.

type 89 (9.0): gets atgms and a 35mm gun
begleitpanzer 57 (9.3): gets i-tows and a 57mm autocannon plus proximity fuze
bmp-2 and 2m (8.7 and 10.0): gets a much faster gun, and atgms. 2m gets tracking too
bmp-3/bmd-4 (9.0): gets autocannon coax plus gun launched atgms
VBCI-2 premium (9.7): gets same gun, but gets a crewless turret and remote hmg
even 8.0-8.3 ifvs seem to outclass this thing, the marder 1a3 and warrior both get milans and thermals, bradley at 8.3 gets tows and thermals too

the puma is only 0.7 br higher and gets much stronger protection plus stronger APFSDS and LWS

additionally, the projectile mass for mk258 is 0.1kg, when in reality it should be 0.23kg (source: 30mm x 173 APFSDS-T - Nammo | Nammo)

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Idk if seems fine to me, the dart does decent damage (for low cal apfsds) and adequate firerate with good ammocount is good. Researching it now, wheb i get it i can form a better opinion

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i have it spaded and it “kinda” is doing fine at 9.3 but still. it needs to go to either 8.3.-9.0. it’s not at all comparable to say type 89. BMP.BMD etc.

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but that is rather because stuff like bmp and bmp undertiered…
even bmp2 could be 9.3 easy but nah