CV9030 and Pbv 302 (BILL) needs to go down in BR

After playing those vehicle for long time they are both clearly over their BR which i think should be a whole BR lower…Mabye not for CV9030 if the 30 mm APFSDS did any damage post pen but it doesnt. CV have lots of other problems but they are same problems as othe CV90s have.

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I too believe the M26 Pershing should face TOW-2Bs.

With the ammount of dmage that they do…trust me… it would be better then BMP-1. They are so shit that you need 4 missiles to killa Cantauro/Type-16. Few days ago i was unable to kill a ZSU-23-4 with 2 missiles…all i did was kill a loader. And the 20mm on it? It has problem to kill a light tanks

I’ve used them before, they shouldn’t face 6.3-7.0

CV9030 should go to 9.3 right below PUMA, APFSDS autocannons should be as far as possible from the vehicles that just have APDS.
Pbv is a little hard to balance, but really topdowns are in most situations worse than regular missiles. I’d say that in general missile carriers should be moved down in BR since IFVs are mostly just better at everything, why have just missiles and maybe a machine gun when you could have missiles, an actual cannon, scouting and functional armor.

With CV9030 i would agree if the 30mm APFSDS would do more post pen damage. Shooting it feels like i do less damage then APCR. Yesterday i shot Italian VBC PT2 3 times into the ammo belt and didn’t detonate it at all. I cannot even take a cannon barrels of MBTs from how much damage.

And i would say CV9030 is much worse the PUMA as PUMA have better protection and turret has no crew inside. We need Gaijin to make a APFSDS 76mm and below do damage because a slow firing autocannons like these 30mm are really hard to play.

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In that case you should agree with me that they do almost no damage at all if you used them before. But also depends how far back it was when you used them because there was a period where top downs were good.

Downtiering the BILL isn’t going to help it, if anything facing WW2 tanks with more spread out crew will be a nerf to it as you’re far less likely to oneshot. It could use a damage buff though, especially against light targets. The number of lightly armored wheeled vehicles rolling around at that tier which prove more survivable than heavy Soviet MBTs because their crews are spaced out enough to not oneshot to a top attack missile is infuriating. Just make them overpressure, problem solved.

Also, fix it so that it can’t be ammo racked when someone hits the launcher while it’s empty. Especially when said missile is in flight, meaning that it’s not even in the process of being reloaded.

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Yeah…true…that would be great. And i see im not the only one who was detonated multiple times by getting shot into empty missiles launger when it was reloading.

And please Gaijin…make it so i can switch gunner view between the 20mm and ATGM. So many time i could just hide behind the cover but i couldn’t see anything due to my gunner looking into a wall.

They do enough to not warrant seeing any downtier.

Adding a separate sight to the launcher would help the Pbv soo much. I tired to make a report about it, but the only response was that “There’s no such mechanic in the game…”

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