Customize fuel BUG

Since customizable fuel mechanic started it has not working properly, here’s the example


You don’t have customizable fuel quantity selected, you have minimum load selected. You need to ensure that customizable fuel quantity is selected and use the slider to make the adjustment.

yeah, he has minimum (13min) selected, but has 41 + min while in flight.


Yes, it is bugged. To solve it, you need to select the slider and pick what fuel you want. It seems like you need to do this with each plane you have not played since the update.

Mate, i’ve tried everything and it just doesn’t work.

LaGG-3-23, custom fuel at 20 mn, auto fuel at 20 mn, so whatever happens I should have 20 mn, right? I get in game and I have 10 mn + a few seconds.

“Similar” issues on all planes, using big quotes because you never know if you will have a lot more, a lot less or reasonably close to what you asked for.

It beggars the imagination that such a simple mechanism could be so pathetically broken. I say, give us back the old system and fuggadaboutit.

I have this issue too. Fucking swear they cant get shit right EVER

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