Custom fuel giving less or more than it should

Picking 20m of fuel brings 9 for some reason? and picking 21 brings 26? what is going on??


This bug has been in game since the implementation of this feature in the game…

You burn fuel at an inconsistent rate - if you’re in After Burner the whole time you’re going to have less than time than if you set for max fuel economy (this is why the gauge working correctly is important)

I think everyone gets that. The base calculation for MoF is likely at 100% thrust. That being said, it’s just like he said. Broken since release.

Not everyone seems to get it? Yeah it’s broken and tbh I’ve not used anything other than max, 45 minutes and min and it’s only ever given me trouble in modern jets with afterburner…

I did manage to dead stick an F-16 to the field from half way across the map though.

It’s happening in all era of vehicles. From props to late fighters. I’ve selected 12 in my hunter and I started with 3. 30 in my MiG-21 and gotten anywhere from 20-39. P-51 with 20 from somewhere over an hour.

It’s not a matter of burn rates. It’s a matter of the feature being completely broken with inconsistent results.


The fuel gauge not working correctly has been a bigger issue for me. It seems to stay at 100% until there’s 5 minutes of fuel then it starts working for the countdown.

It used to work and maybe is now working again but I’ve gotten so used to not working I don’t even keep it in my scan; though last night I was playing and I saw it at a % I don’t usually see so it may be working.

I’m sorry that’s happening to you. This thread was started because of the slider issue though?

It’s definitely possible that the gauge is now broken because of the slider; however, it doesn’t seem good to derail this if that’s been going on for longer than this recent change. Hopefully that makes sense.


Haha that’s a good one. It’s not my field my man. Someone else is the OP

Works fine for me if i just use slider, i get what i ask for plus 1 or 2 min more