Custom belts for aircraft

False. AP was simply changed to AP-T. They never existed seperately.

When did they change that? I remember there was a belt that had AP/AP/AP/HE/T.

Those were the “old” Hispano belts I was talking about. Nowadays they’re only on the very early models.

Unfortunately only the AN/M2 get to have fun.

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They’re the only gun that gets a full HEFI stealth belt.

Yeah, I checked shortly after responding to see what you’re talking about and saw that.
I believe the m/55s still have their stealth belts?

Swedish Hispanos? I don’t know much about those.

Not Hispanos, they’re export ADENs

Good to know but I think no postwar 30mm has a HE stealth belt anymore right?

It used to have a full stealth belt, but they added tracers about a month ago irc

Since then, it’s been changed, but idk if it still has a full HE stealth belt

Checked the wiki and it doesn’t. I remember the whole gunsight argument for swedish planes thats probably the reason they changed all belts to include tracers.

The reason why it got tracers is because the only 2 belts they had were 100% AP or 100% HE, both of which were unrealistic and lacked tracers.