Custom battles with god awful framerate inconsistency, going from 100 to 20fps randomly

the game is awfully inconsistent with the framerate, says ping 20 no packet loss but the fps just go ballistic on custom battles, I’d rather have constant 20fps over going 100 for 3 seconds to 1 for 5 seconds and then 200 for two more seconds and back to 10fps for three more seconds and so on.

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I think that is because of the high ping players they are ruining the servers!

I’ve been seeing your posts often Mantis and I just wanted to say I am having similar issues that are game breaking. I made an account so I could chime in. It affects all large, busy battles but in custom battles the issues are egregious, everything vibrates and shifts around (especially noticeable on the ground) and it generally just looks like the game is having a seizure. I have a very fast computer and gigabit internet (up/down) which might actually be the issue, it seems like they don’t test on hardware that isn’t a potato.

If this were any other game, I would have stopped playing a long time ago. War Thunder is so great I will put up with seizure graphics and crashes on a PC that costs a car note…