Current Top tier balance across nations

Will Gaijin do something with balance at top tier? I am grinding top tier USA right now and this barely fun to begin with. Constant matches versus GER/RU/SWE with very bad Abrams is something only masochist would think of. T-80BVM and T-90M with broken damage models alongside spall lined Leopard 2s just stomps on the ground, on air you can barely spawn to not get killed by Pantsir. It’s impossible to fight because you need at least 2-3 shots to first disable and then kill ( or not ) them when every tank you see can penetrate Abrams LFP/bounce a shot of UFP into the turret ring across the map and kill you with just one shot. Enormous amount of RU CAS and helis flying carelessly with sky cleared by Pantsir is not helpfull either.

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