Current state of the game

Can we talk about the current state of the game?

  • Volumetric borderline non-functional, or at the very least by far the worst it has ever been
  • Radar missiles not tracking due to the changes to radar lobes, a problem that still hasn’t been fixed even though they were working fine previously
  • Matches lasting 2-5 minutes due to premium players, 1 death leavers and complete lack of balance
  • Absolutely no sign of balance or decompression in sight
  • Gaijin coping endlessly to keep NATO equipment nerfed regardless of hundreds and hundreds of sources and just going “na uh lol :)”

I get everybody wants to just argue and hate each other because there’s wars going on, you only have 1 country at top tier and you all want YOUR country you’re emotionally invested in to be OP. But the only way this game gets better is if we band together and actually try to make the game balanced for all.

And to the Gaijin employees looking at this, just know that your game is rapidly dying, and if y’all don’t do better you’ll be working at gas stations and factories within a couple years as this cash cow dies a slow and painful death.


Yeah, a “painful death” oh wait, haven’t seen it and I’ve been playing since for almost 6 years, 7 months, 13 days as a Japan main. The is mind you is just the Steamcharts. However factor in the console edition as well as Mobile(yes this is a separate platform however it’s an incentive for mobile to try the PC or console versions).

The point is everyone has been making that statement for years. It won’t happen no matte how much you claim. The game never decreases nor does it increase.

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That’s so cool I’ve been playing for 10 years myself.

And yes I am aware that more people than ever are playing, but that doesn’t change the fact that the game is in one of the worst states it’s ever been in, and everyone I meet, everybody I know agrees with this and yet I have not seen a single post on it so here we are.

Regardless of the amount of people they have joining the game for the first time and spending 70 bucks on a premium, that is not enough to sustain them whatsoever. Especially if the long time players stop spending consistent money, and I’ve been seeing a lot of iconic figures in these forums quit as of recent.


After a decade of playing, each and every year there has been an “omg game is dying/dead” thread or two. Game’s still going. Somehow.


By no means I don’t disagree.

Well, it remains the only game in its category. No other game has and probably won’t any time soon.

1- Volumetric has worked perfectly for me since introduction. Literally zero change.
2- RIP, likely true though
3- I’ve not seen a sub-5 minute match since air spawns.
4- Balance is here, just compressed balance. Decompression will come without warning cause of how much analytics would be necessary.
5- Sweden & Germany have the best top MBTs in the game.
USA, France, Britain, Sweden, Japan… have the best top aircraft in the game.

Game is dying, E01S12.

If you want to discuss specific issue which you think is troubling the game, please use already created threads. Each thing you have mentioned got already ongoing topic on our forum.

You just overreacted and you have exaggerated this things.

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