Current RP system is discouraging

Thank to the update, now we can see the details of RP system.

I use T1E1 for both games, and I played much better in the first one. However, take a look at RP, I only get a few hundreds of RP more than the second one. The Time played contributes more than 50% of RP gained, which is quite discouraging. This could make players to be more passive in the game: kill 2 enemies and hide themselves for the entire game, then get a lot of RP. I think the meaningful behaviors (kill, assist, capture) should matters more in the RP system, rather than this vague Time Played.

Well, if you just go on to the next match you also get time played.
The question is, is the time in between sessions less than the time earned from actively playing (getting kills etc)?
I think yes. Gaijin, who love their metrics, probably have done their math on this.

Even if not, the difference will be marginal.
I don’t think it’s the case and even if it is, I feel kinda sorry for people that would forego having fun in a game for marginally more rp. Besides, one afk player is smaller chance of victory and thus lower modifier.
Since the repair cost changed and sl rewards increased I am also not seeing a repaircost reason here. Again, even if there is, it’ll be marginal and at a great expense of the player’s own enjoyment.

I do think that the time played reward is good for anyone to get a steady income of RP. This discourages everyone flying bombers and encourages people to try air-to-air play style that otherwise wouldn’t. The latter is guaranteed no income for bad players that get 0 kills match after match. They will never learn if there is no incentive for them to try.
Or for ground it discourages people to “rush b” in order to get kills in as little time as possible and then move to the next match but rather take time to flank and secure areas + wait for team mates before pushing through.

Only case where this is “abusable” would be if someone has a 900% booster…which to be fair…just let them have it then. Like many systems in society that can be abused, are likely abused, but to what scale? That differs by case and I don’t think this case is crippling anything. Especially because the latter can also just be used in a 3 hour Enduring Confrontation session since each booster is effective max 30 minutes.

I hope they don’t get rid of this because that will mess up steady progression for the majority of players and will make people tune out/rage quit with the game. I already noticed such a system was active, and it was announced a year or more ago I think, and I didn’t hear many complaints since then tbh.


Did a few games myself, and it just weiiiiiiiiiird. I’m going to do deeper stuff later because this is a mix of both vehicle and modification I think. Have you checked whether the amount of progress you received for vehicles are also very similar? I will do more detailed stuff later and might post it if anybody is interested

Now you can see how you suck in more detail and that is discouraging


LOL. I’ve always wanted see how much I sucked and how much I got as a participation trophy.

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Except the current RP mechanics force you to actively get kills to earn RP/SL. If you play as a fighter and end up defensive flying a lot, guess what? At the end of the match, I’ve gotten as low as 2 digit numbers of RP because I never got to fire my guns.

Yeah that sounds like it should have some tweaks.
OP’s point was high rewards for time in general though so my main point stands.