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TL;DR: A CSK-131 with four GM-102 launchers mounted in a retractable turret.



The HMMWV, better known as the Humvee, is an extortionarily popular American 4x4 military vehicle developed to replace vehicles like the Willys Jeep, M151 Jeep, and M561 Gama Goat. Entering service in 1983, the Humvee very quickly drew the attention of the world, China included. In 1988, AM General demonstrated an M998 HMMWV at the Beijing Defense Exhibition. At the time, however, the PLA had concerns regarding the cost of maintenance for such a bulky vehicle. The offer was not perused. On January 17, 1991, the Gulf War began and with it, Operation Desert Storm. During this operation, the Humvee found its claim to fame as it was highly popularized, via television, as a reliable and effective personnel and cargo transporter. Needless to say, the Humvee had proven itself and Chinese officials were reconsidering the possibility of procuring Humvees or Humvee-like vehicles. Luckily for them, an easy way of getting such vehicles had just appeared. The popularization of the Humvee during the Gulf War had made many civilians want one of their own. This led to AM General marketing the Hummer H1 in 1992, a civilian version of the M998 Humvee. Shortly after its debut, the Chinese petroleum industry purchased a few before importing them into China and handing them over to Chinese automakers for reverse-engineering. One of these automakers was the Dongfeng Motor Group, which quickly produced copies, showing them off at a car show in 2003 under the designation EQ2050. 57 of these vehicles underwent military trials in 2004. The EQ2050 was accepted into PLA service in 2006. Just as soon as it was accepted, ways to improve it were already being looked into. Its armor, specifically. This led to the CSK-131, a redesigned, armored, and overall improved version of the EQ2050. This vehicle was accepted into service. In 2018, a new variant of the CSK-131 was unveiled. This variant was equipped with four GAM-102 fire-and-forget ATGM launchers that were mounted in a retractable turret. The GAM-102 is an ATGM system developed by Poly Technologies, revealed in 2016. It is also their first ATGM system. The GAM-102 is a medium-range fire-and-forget ATGM capable of penetrating around 1000mm of armor. It can be switched from direct-attack to top-attack before launch. While the GAM-102 is a very modern ATGM, it has a max speed of only 170m/s.

Place In War Thunder:

Just to preface this, like many other suggestions dealing with fire-and-forget munitions, I am not suggesting that this vehicle be implemented before active protective systems are commonplace. With fire-and-forget capable missiles and active protection systems essentially being an inevitability, it is only natural for every in-game nation to eventually get these types of vehicles. Small and quick vehicles have always had their spot in War Thunder’s meta. China has countless vehicles that fit this mold, with the CSK-131 GAM-102 being one of them. Its small size makes it very difficult to spot with the naked eye and its speed would allow it to reposition effectively after every shot. The ability to switch between direct-attack and top-attack mode in battle is also an advantage. That being said, while the CSK-131 is much more armored than its EQ2050 roots, it’s still very vulnerable to most forms of attack. If you were to be spotted by any plane, you’d be dead in the next instant and you wouldn’t want to chance sitting in an artillery strike. Its ATGMs are also decently slow, so most active protection systems would be capable of destroying them. This vehicle would make a very nice addition to China’s tank destroyer line or a future wheeled vehicle line.


Armament: 4x GAM-102 ATGM system

Dimensions: 5.80m, 2.45m, 1.86m (L,W,H)

Weight: 3700kg

Armor: Protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters

Crew: 3

Ammunition: Tandem (Top-Attack and Direct-Attack)

Speed: 135kph

Horsepower: 200hp


GAM-102 Spec Sheet:

CSK-131 CAM-102 Digital Display:





China Is Overproducing Anti-Tank Missiles | 21st Century Asian Arms Race




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With the addition of FnF missiles, this is a no-brainer. +1

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Yes would be great addition, 1+

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Yes if it can get extra ammo for reload.