CS/SA5 (Early)

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CS/SA5 (Early)


Hello everyone :), what I would like to introduce today is CS/SA5(early).


In modern battlefields, the prevention and attack of drones is an emerging demand. In order to better attack low-speed aircraft and provide air defense protection as a field anti-aircraft vehicle, NORINCO has developed a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun called “CS/SA5”. The vehicle was eventually developed into the Type 625E self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, and its early models first appeared at the 2014 Zhuhai Air Show.


The main weapon of the vehicle is a 6-barrel 30mm rotary gun, developed from the AK630 close range gun, which can fire AHEAD ammunition to attack small aircraft. In order to attack remote targets, HN-6 missile launchers are also installed on both sides of the turret, which can be compatible with HN-6、HN-6B、FN-16.The missile has a long range, good anti-interference performance, and high hit rate, posing a great threat to aircraft.


The early models of the vehicle directly used the body of ZBL-08, equipped with a new turret that can quickly transfer to combat positions while ensuring maneuverability. It can maneuver quickly on the road, has excellent off-road capabilities, and has shooting ability during movement. The turret also integrates a radar search system, which can quickly search and attack targets.

In the later version, the old HN-6 was replaced by the upgraded HN-6B and FN-16. The improved anti-aircraft vehicle is still known as CS/SA5. This missile uses infrared imaging seekers and laser proximity fuses, with high accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, long range, and can effectively and accurately shoot down enemy aircraft.

This vehicle is mainly used to strike aircraft below 3000 meters in altitude and within a slant range of 4000 meters, including but not limited to fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, drones, missiles, etc. It can undertake important air defense and accompanying air defense tasks, has good air defense and anti missile capabilities, long range, high mobility, high degree of automation, and uses modular equipment, with good performance.

In game

This vehicle has good maneuverability, as well as radar and powerful machine guns. It can use missiles to deal with long-range targets and has various functions, similar to the LAV-AD anti-aircraft vehicle that has already appeared in the game. It is recommended to place it in 10.3 as a supplement.


  • Crew:3
  • Main weapon:6-30mm rotary cannon(2000 rounds)
  • Secondary weapon:4 × HN-6、HN-6B、FN-16 missiles
  • Engine:BF6M1015CP(440hp)
  • Weight:20t
  • Max speed:100km/h
  • Maximum travel: 800km
  • Maximum climbing slope: 30 °
  • Armor: Steel plate + ceramic composite armor
  • Auxiliary equipment: thermal imaging, smoke bomb launcher, laser rangefinder

FN-16 is a new generation of individual air defense missile that uses infrared/ultraviolet imaging guidance heads, which can attack in all directions. It has the ability to ignore launch, high accuracy, and strong anti-interference ability. It is mainly used for field air defense, intercepting fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, and drones invading at low and ultra-low altitudes. This is the foreign trade version of HN-6B, so the performance is almost the same.

  • Missile diameter: 72mm
  • Weight: 16kg
  • Max speed:750m/s
  • Range: 500-6000 meters
  • Fuze: Laser proximity fuse
  • Reaction time: 5s





For what country?

The post is tagged for china ground forces.

CS/SA5 (late) should be based on 8x8 truck chassis (0:22-0:37 in below video)

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I’m so blind XD

CS/SA5 getting added would make my day.
There’s so many amazing Chinese SPAA/Mixed role vehicles, and they gave us the Russian SPAA that China doesn’t even operate… The TOR* should have never went to China…


Do you mean Tor-M1?

Yes, sorry. I meant the TOR. I just keep seeing so many forum posts about the Pantsir that it got into my head.

I’m really salty about them not even adding the HQ-17A, which was at least a Chinese wheeled chassis.

They just put the Russian TOR into the Chinese tree - the tree with the potential for the most original, domestic top tier SPAA. They put the Russian TOR there.

Not the CS/SA5 (Type 625E), CS/AA5, Yi-Tian, Yi-Tian II GA58, FK1000, FK2000, FK4000, Hunter 1, TC-1L, SWS-2 (LD-35), HQ-17A, JRVG-1A or JRVG-1B.

That’s THIRTEEN (13) THIRTEEN DOMESTIC CHINESE SPAA. That they could have added.
And they put the goddamn 100% Russian one in the Chinese tree, because they realized it would suck too much in the Russian tree, because it’s directly worse than the Pantsir.

Oh my God. Just thinking about it makes me positively furious. So much anger at Gaijin for the TOR being in the Chinese tree. Insurmountable anger.