Cross play and the state of Ground RB

First of all , I don’t like playing with console players for the state that they can lock on upon targets by default , let them play between them . Pc players should play with pc players .

And Ground battles aren’t ground battles at all at this point . Can’t even get 2 kills before the game is filled with planes . It’s a race who gets at plane first and nothing more than that . Tank lovers should be able to play with players that are also on tanks . While me and 4 more dudes are in tanks we play against 5 planes , great game mechanics Gaijin …

I know CAS enjoyers that are sharp as marbles will come and try to troll . But I’m not the only one saying that cas needs to be reworked up from the bottom . No one should get 1 kill , J out and then come in with a loaded jet that can get 8+ kills . It’s just cancer at this point . I’m joining ground rb to play tanks and most of the time it’s air to air but with 2-3 tanks in it .

Would be nice to have the option to play with players of the same playform only both for console and pc players, similar to other tank games

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No need for the hyperbole. Sp costs do need so reworking both ways. Like how if you spawn a plane for 700sp and take the wrong fuel load, you need to pay 1400sp to do so.

Increased heli sp cost would be nice as well.

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Sure , I’ll agree . I won’t say take out CAS from Ground rb , fine with that . But man it’s so easy to spawn a plane that can kill an entire team very easily in a blink of an eye . I believe reworking the sp cost of plane spawn should be increased (also getting more and more increased based on load etc) . Same for helis too

It would be good to have tank mode only but that won’t ever happen

We already have increased sp costs for “better” load outs. The issue is that gaijin did a general change. They need to itemize it because certain agms are better than other agms and ap belts at top tier maker much less than ap belts at low/mid tier.

This allow for them to make changes to the sp cost of certain munitions and lead to better balance.

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I do agree on the part of Cross play… this is so annoying.
you want to let console players (aka Official Cheater) play RB then cancel their AimBot!!!
if a console player wants to play with aim assist go play arcade!

especially with planes its really annoying.

There is no aimbot in consoles. I know because i play in console and i stopped playing RB because i was at a big disadvantage…i would NOT be if i had the “aimbot”.
Console players have to aim using the controller (or add external mouse).

TBH, i would also like to play versus console players…but there are not enough of us. I get console only games sometimes in GF AB (when there are enough for a 10vs10 or so) and i have more fun. Everything is much slower and everyone else also misses much more…
I don’t get why PC players would want for console players to leave their matches…more often than not they (we) are easier targets…
And it is even worse in planes…

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I am also bored of being told this.

The target assist that console has only works for air targets and even then the logic of it isn’t that great. Rarely works when you want it to, and usually when you try to use it it’ll target something you don’t want. Even better when you’re aiming at a tank and then it decides to pick up a plane. I removed the key bind for it as it was more annoying than useful. And even then, analogue stick aiming will always be harder than a mouse so yeah we’re at a disadvantage with that.

PC gets ULQ which is probably more of an advantage if used for the wrong reasons

This is for RB…and in fact is not used…except perhaps for youtube.

This is in AB and PC players can also use it. Most that try it end up disabling, mainly due to what you mention…mouse aiming is faster and more accurate…
And yes…consoles can theoretically use mouse…but it is not as “streamlined”.

BUT…and to be 100% clear on this…CONSOLE PLAYERS are at a BIG DISAVANTAGE in all game modes, particularly in RB (due to spotting). There is no logical reason for PC players to want to disable cross-play…it will only make their games harder.

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