Cross lineup vehicles for High rank ground sim

So with the implementation of the newest 10_2 lineup and subsequent changing of the 11_2 into (claimed) 11.0+ BR vehicles only, the amount of vehicles that are more than capable of dealing with every same class threat have been stripped of their risk/reward efforts and thrown into yet another single-day lineup for no good reason.

9_2 is still a beatdown for Soviet vehicles from the lack of thermal equipped optics and 3km+ ATGMs/400mm+ pen long-rod sabots, the new 10_2 is a copy of the NATO 9_2 with a few added rank VII vehicles and later rank VI/early rank VII for the Soviets, which is barely a change.

What should be a commonality between all lineups is having at least two or three GROUND VEHICLES from every nation as transitional units between the nearest two lineups. 8_2, 8_2_2, and 9_2 have some transitional vehicles in them, but the divide between 9_2 and 10_2 pile drives players right into a different technological arena and expect them to survive without adequate knowledge or vehicle performance.

9_2 and 10_2 should have some common vehicles between them as 8_2/8_2_2/9_2 already do, along with 10_2 and 11_2 having cross lineup vics. Each transitional vehicle chosen should have partial similarities with the vehicles featured in the lineup, but are not overwhelming in performance compared to the rest.