Crew vehicle skill I would love to see change

I am hoping that some day we get some sort of change to crew training. its fine to train each slot and all but I wish I could use expert or ace on a vehicle in different slots at times. It would be worth getting all the crew slots for this as then I could have more fleshed out lineups. right now that really isnt an option as I may have crew slot used by another crewed vehicle in that same slot. if I could just have expert or ace crew on all my crew slots then I could see a need to get all the different crew slots and level their skills because I could have more variety and useful lineups and the wouldnt be beholden to only that crew slot. Im even okay for paying for all those things as I do now if I could use that in any slot.

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I am hoping that some day they will do away with crews and crews skills all together. But that is just me…

But if they are individual crews, the skills wouldn’t transfer with the vehicle…

It’s not like you jump into a truck and immediately know how to operate it because someone else learned in it.

But you can have it, you just need to unlock and purchase it.

For ground, I find reload speed to be by far the most important. Though it’s good to distribute stuff mostly evenly, with two exceptions- because your gunner and driver never swap out for anyone, their agility is useless

For air, I find G-tolerance and stamina to be really the only important things, unless you use bombers more often than fighters

wont ever happen. you’d be shutting off a revenue stream for gaijin and historically they have never implemented anything that would make them less money.


The Expert/Ace qualifications should be locked to the vehicle, not the crew. That would atleast allow us the freedom to move vehicles to other crews, without losing its qualification.

The moving of crews themselves is already on the new roadmap. Combined with my above suggestion, lineups wold be a lot more easier to manage.


But WHY though… It’s not as if you jump in a car and instantly know how to do rally, or into a digger and instantly know how to operate it intricately…

This is a game…

The purchase perimeters for Expert/Ace qualifications that exist to satisfy Gaijin’s Grind requirements will still be in place. We’ll just have a bit more freedom with our crews. It would be a huge QoL change.

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The crew skill is just another money sink, entirely unbalanced between different branches, creates pay to win scenarios and you constantly get forced to waste SL whenever the Snail messes with your lineups, and that’s not even talking about how stupid it is that a crew has to learn from scratch how to operate a Panzer IV H after using a Panzer IV G… or an M4A2 crew being clueless on how to operate an M4A3.

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So you monitor each crew individually but grant it wholesale?

You say all these coinwords, but you really don’t seem to grasp the actual point…

What makes a crew get that added skill, from the vehicle compared to just themselves… Are you almost trying to say the ‘expert/ace’ should be a modification like thing, because that, literally makes NO sense…

The “crews” are just numbers in an Amazon database somewhere.

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It’s the principal… If it’s all just numbers, then just unlock everything and gift everything to everyone so they don’t have to do anything…

It’s a dumb concept to try and put forth as a ‘solution’ to a ‘struggle’ that’s actually easy to work with if you forward plan your slots.

I planned all my slots, for naval, air and tanks to include everything. I see no reason to do this, or an actual purpose of linking it to the vehicle itself other than laziness and hindsight.

Player issues, nothing like them.

Not everyone wants to play “War Accountant”.


Well then just press “expert” and “ace” whenever you like.

Just like pressing “w”.

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This game has evolved since it’s beginning. When I started, there was no Ground or Naval. I didn’t plan my crews around them, because they didn’t exist. I know… Crazy right. 🤪

Why do you get a hard-on when refuting every QoL change that the player-base comes up with? You’re just a wierdo. I can’t take you seriously.


Just like the “Crew Replenishment” vehicle modification makes no sense. To be honest, all vehicle modifications don’t make sense. Imagine such situation in reality: “we will give you a fire extinguisher, but only when you gain more experience!”.

You always have to remember that we are talking about a game here.

(Spoiler) The crew qualification could easily go here on the vehicle

To be honest, you can already do this with the crew skill. You can play e.g. Air mode, gain crew XP and then put it into e.g. Ground mode. And somehow the world didn’t collapse, we are still here playing this game.

With such attitude, soon you will make a suggestion to reset the entire crew slot XP and all vehicle qualifications to 0 every time you die in a vehicle.


I agree, to a point, about moving vehicles to various slots . . it does come up. And everyone plays the game differently and this includes how we all use the slots. How many slots we use, which ones we dedicate to what vehicle type, etc. I also started back when it was just planes, so it was a bit less “complicated” at that point. I played Arcade back then, still do for air & tanks, and had around 5 - 6 slots I worked since early on. The nice thing about when I started, I had time to max out many slots so when tanks came, I was able to put crew skill points in right away. This helped with learning how to work tank crews and performance pretty fast. When naval came I had enough crew points accumulated to put 3 slots to max for RU & Germany & 2 for the US(Finished US 3rd slot before CBT ended . . yay) and crew skills in naval effect vehicle performance a lot more than it does in planes and tanks.
So, after messing with crew skills for 10 years and on all vehicle types they have added, I think I understand where you are coming from. As for the “Expert” qualification, I think it is fine as it is . . it’s only really “pricey” there in the last 2 - 3 tiers. So I think if you move a vehicle to a new slot, that cost is ok to keep as is. Yeah it would be better to not have to pay it, but it can still work. Now as for the Ace qualification . … I think you should only have to do that once per vehicle, and that should go with you no matter where you might want to slot that particular vehicle. I have only managed to get a handful of FREE Aces for vehicles over the years, paid for a few and won quite a few from Battle Trophies and such over time. They are not easy to come by and can cost real money, so yeah . . . “one time good deal” for the Ace, the rest can stay the same, as costing a little time/effort and/or SL’s kinda goes with the game. But I feel like Aces should carry over to any slot. Working crew skills is a big part of the game really, a good thing to get a handle on early. To me anyways . . . just my opinion

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When I first started playing, I thought that is what happened since the “Recruit Crew” thingy is so prominent and Gaijin’s game documentation is so… not. lol.