Crew Training and Qualification Issue

I brought this up from the old forum.

And with the recent Br changes, my entire lineups are now jumbled up.

And as I said in the old forum this issue it’s going to get worse, and now I say it again in this new forum it’s going to get even worse.


As you all know there are 2 crew qualification upgrades expert which cost SL and ace which cost GE or hard work.

This is a good system Gaijin can make money from those willing to pay GE this will help keep the game developing and give chance to other players to ace it with no payment.


The crew qualification is linked to each individual crew slot.
meaning if you have aced qualification with of specific crew and you want to change the crew you will lose the qualification and start from zero

-This will limit your control over your lineup which in a way bury some vehicle.
(For example, I aced both T-90A and T-80BVM but can’t use them together because they are on the same crew slot So goodbye T-90A).

-As the game develops and more changes are applied to vehicles that change the BR and break the lineup you have made and this is outside of player control.
(example: I have aced both T-72AV (TURMS-T) and 2S25M the TURMS-T BR was 9.7 and the 2S25M BR 10 there was no problem but with the update now, the TURMS-T BR is 10 but I can’t use both of them on this same lineup because they are on the same crew slot) this the most thing that happen to me and this issue becomes even worse as the game develops.


1- First solution:-

  • When you want to train your crew on a vehicle all your crews train on that vehicle not just one specific crew.


  • The player now can move a vehicle between crew slots without losing the qualification or extra cost.
  • The player can now experiment with lineups and create the lineup that suits his playing style.
  • As the changes happen to the vehicles BR players can adapt to the changes easily.


  • The qualification becomes more appealing to the player and incentives them to invest in the talisman, crew slots, crew training, and ace qualification.

  • The game will look more simple and more forgiving to the new players if they made mistakes and incentives them to stay playing the game.

  • It has no drawback on Gaijin monetizing because the likelihood of players changing crew slots of the aced vehicle is almost impossible.
    (I have about 3000 hr into the game and I have never changed an aced vehicle slot and I will never do that, and when it comes to training multiple crews on the same vehicle I did it a few times that I can count it on one hand).

2- Second solution:-

  • By linking Qualifications to the vehicle not the crew like modifications
    and when you want to change to a new crew you only pay the training cost.


It’s a simple fix and easy to implement with a huge impact on the game experience and the community.


I dont think that ideas can be all good.

But maybe, in case of BR modification, a qualification can be transferable (for SL?) to an another crew available 1 time during 2 weeks (?) after the modification.

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It’s fine as it is… This suggestion literally does away with the crew skills because of this want to share it, which is against what the crew skills stand for.

Hell, it doesn’t even cost that much… If you’re struggling for crew training costs, I don’t think that’s your actual issue, it’s that you haven’t got a balance to afford doing things.

Just reduce the amount of crew xp to get ace crew…
Like cmon premium vehicles have 2x more xp needed to get ace
Also grinding crew without premium vehicles is pure pain… like why it takes so long to get for example repair skill when its most needed thing but then there is reload aiming and other usefull stuff

I see the problem.

In my case, i have any SL for not be embarassed for train a crew on a tank, but when i must change te crew due to a BR modification, i would keep the work i do for the training.

Thing is, it’s a different crew, and it’s not even that costly.

Ok let us take the BMP-3 at 9.0 as an example:

The training cost is 170,000 SL.
The expert qualification cost is 590,000 SL.
The Ace qualification is 950,000 RP.

That is for a single vehicle at 9.0.

Now even if you think the SL cost is not high the RP cost is huge.

now I don’t mind the prices.

what I have an issue with is when I pay and work hard to ace a crew and create a lineup for a BR then Gaijin comes and changes BR and all I did now is gone.

No, it’s not just gone it is even worse it’s like putting shackles on my lineups.

because if I aced a crew I will never change the slot and go through all that again to ace another crew again on the same vehicle.


Working as intended… It’s how it works.

I love this idea and I have brought it up myself. Things I think you forgot to mention is quality of games and availability. War thunder has 3 modes, Sim, Realistic, and Arcade all which have their own BR and require players to bring a “line up” except maybe air realistic. Even in Sim Air i bring a “line up”. I strongly believe that when multiple players are able to bring strong line ups to games and respawn frequently and fight till the end the quality of games are much better with the tide of battle changing back and forth. I also think that if the crew qualifications become universal that Gaijin should show the ACE progress of every vehicle in the research screen. This incentivizes replayability, there could even be rare titles or achievements for ACEing multiple vihecles from a military branch of a Nation.