Crew skill resets after logged off

Why in the hell do I buy credits to upgrade my skills just to have them reset over night. Disgusting!!! I am ready to quit playing a game that I must pay repeatedly to enhance my crew skills…they learned the skills once, humans do not forget things overnight! Our tanks keep the Mods. So should the crews!!! You will get no more money from me if this doesn’t change!!! Once I get bored of trying to live in a game that is hard a is…I will quit and never return!!!

Two questions. First, did you confirm the points being spent on the crew skills? Second, are you making sure it is the same crew that has point applied and not a different crew? Each crew slot is different and independent from each other.


Yeah, you have to make to sure to hit the Apply button in the lower right hand corner when you are done, or none of the “upgrades” you make will take affect. It takes some getting used to, but even I forget or do it wrong after 10 years because I don’t do it near as often as before. Also note, if you do any “qualification” changes, Basic to Expert is most common, that too can reset any crew skills changes you did if you do not Apply them beforehand as well. But yeah, working up your crew skills is important and even more so if you are a newer player or starting a new nation. Hope you get it sorted and Good Luck