Crew rearrangement & Crew refund after BR change

HI iv been thinking on this topic for a long time now and its time to ask for some changes.
I came across many suggestions and one of then was that crew training should be a one time cost. Since nothing happens on that matter i suggest to keep current system but refund crew training and Expert training when Vehicle changes BR.
We should also be able to rearrange our crew for a small one time reset cost or non at all.

Why? Do vehicle br changes have a literal effect on crews and their performance? Asking for a friend

I don’t think the refunds are necessary. But we really do need the option to move our Experted vehicles to other slots.

The constant BR changes justifies unimpeded vehicle slot movement, and there’s really no reason not to have this option available. Gaijin isn’t losing any revenue, and crew lineups will be more dynamic. It’s a much needed QoL change.


You have to pay millions to crew vehicles and then BR changes ruin your lineups.

If I haven’t played WT for a while I look at my lineups, a lot of them are ruined and a ton of SL is wasted on expert crews that no longer fit in lineups, then I just alt F4 the game.

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Many people pick crew slots to make up a complimentary lineup with other vehicles/crews in the same BR. Gaijin shuffling things around can mess that up.