Crew page UI visually dirty now

It’s been a few months now since the change to the crew interface page where this interface option was added. Maybe it’s my resolution, but this is a bit dirtied up in my opinion, having to scroll to assign crew points. It’s probably not that significant, and the Radio Operator is the only one with a scroll bar other than Defensive role in Aviation, but uh… maybe it can be easily adjusted.
Screenshot WT crew page


Ah I thought it was due to my resolution, its trully anoying

Oh it’s not just me. haha
I thought they would have fixed it by now, but maybe it has to wait for next major update.

I think you can adjust the word size in the settings. That should help with the clutter and scrolling.

UI scale? It’s already set to small. Tiny is nearly unusable and it doesn’t fix it.

Oh okay. Then idk what else to suggest. Mine’s at the default setting and is fine

Then it must just be certain resolutions.

Yeah, maybe

not like this for me.