Crew Lock

Why is crew lock still a thing? it’s an old archaic thing that was added when player count was very low, the player count is no longer very low, therefore it should be removed, it is just an annoyance at this point in time.


To negate 1DL

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That doesn’t stop anybody from doing it, if I die, and I am on a map I hate, or in a full up-tier or my spawn is already being pushed, I leave, regardless of the crew lock, I go play another nation for a round and come back or wait. It is a pointless mechanic at this point.


Cool. I gave you the reason it was there anyway. I don’t care if you 1DL

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To stop players like you doing what ever you are doing.

I havent seen crew lock in last 2 months. But I usually bring full lineup into the game…


By forcing you to play with a single vehicle in the next game? Genius design right there lmao

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Never stopped it, never will stop it

It is simply not designed to stop it. In fact it absolutely favours it

You die, quit and the only tank you have for the next one is the one you died in. So your next match is an auto generated 1death leaver game.

It is better suited to punish people who quit without spawning once. Sth which has no influence on the game as long as it is done before 1 minute has passed as the MM will refill the spot (it won`t for a 1 death leaver even if he dies after 10s)

So yea it is a pointless system with no real benefits and minor down sides for most players (and some bigger ones for others) But it can not fix the 1DL it just makes it worse

Crew lock is amazing.

You want to stop one death leavers, by locking me into one vehicle. Genius.

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It was not implemented to stop “1 death leavers”, as at the time, that was not even an issue. It was put into the game because a great many players left games, before they even started, because they did not like the map they got. That was it. In Air AB, players would load up their line up with nothing but bombers and get mad because they drew an Air Domination game(making a balanced line up that can play on any map works better) or in tank battles, players might load up with long range snipers and get a city/CQC map and just leave. It became fairly common for players to just leave anytime they got certain maps. And without even spawning in once. And at that time, there were just 5 tiers, a LOT less vehicles and very few over 7.0 BR. No one used the terms uptier/downtier back then either, so there were less reasons to choose not to play. And at the time, crew lock was actually the easiest answer. Times have changed and so has the game, it has evolved a great deal. We still have issues with players unwilling to fulfill their duties once they hit the “To Battle” button, and all that does is make the games worse for those that choose to play. Which is unfortunate. But, until players decide to go ahead and play out the matches they are put into, as best the can & to the end, I would not expect to see crew lock to go away. Maybe modified at some point, but 1 death leavers, regardless of their reasoning’s, make me think . . crew lock is here to stay

I still do that. I j out and play another nation. I won’t be forced to play a map, you can just play one player down.

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Oh they where used. Quite a lot actually… I mean back then Gajin even told you the BR range in RB games like they still do in AB games.

My duty is to have fun. The MM is designed to fill up a match. As long as I quit before 1minute of game time the Mm will fill my spot. And most people quit before the 15s timer even starts.
If you have fast loading times it is funny to look at the Team screen and see how many names leave and are replaced.

Again gajin fixed the MM but left the tape hanging. I just hate how inconsistent it is.
At times I die 3 times in 9 minutes and see the game is lost so I quit and still get a 3 min crew lock, at others I die once after 6 minutes but see that there are only 2 others left on my team and they are being spawn killed ( by the 12 enemies in our spawn because stompy stompy stomp stomp) so I quit and get no lock. The next match the same thing happens after 8 mins and I get 10 min lock.

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No, it doesn’t, someone who is boting will program around the crew lock.

I usually bring full lineups as well, but if the match is lost, I’m not gonna respawn just to get blown up immediately by spawn campers. I shouldn’t, nor should other players be stuck with crew lock, it’s a horrible mechanic.

I just had 3 crew locks in a row. Spawned into the same EC map with 3 different nations, left before takeoff.

Didn’t really stop anything. What needs to stop is forced maps and modes we don’t want.

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crew lock for jet Rb does not factor in the pace of play

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They need to remove crew lock from naval rb considering the servers kick you out randomly

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Crew lock is such a garbage mechanic. Why should I be punished for getting 1 kill and dying twice? Whats the incentive me for to re spawn a third time? The enemy is already going to be in good position with CAS up

No use on players who has more than one nations to play, at this point it just cause annoyance if anything

I have a full lineup. Sometimes my first death is such and inconcievable BS I straight up quit the match. Then I either switch nations or ALT F4 because of the crew lock.

Not to mention ODL who only bring 1 tank can start playing right after while people bringing full lineup are crew locked so this mechanic is obviously poorly thought out.

Crew lock should be absolutely disabled for premium time users as they are losing their paid time.


So you can only play with 1 or 2 tanks the next round, yeah right.

Remove crew lock altogether, it’s asinine in design and does nothing but punish players who bring full lineups.

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