Crew Lock is an archaic mechanic that should no longer exist

Players should not be punished for leaving a game early while they still can spawn vehicles. Why should people who bring full lineups be punished for leaving a game early when one death leavers can constantly hop in and out of battles without any sort of punishment? You shouldn’t be forced to take a crew lock when you leave an ongoing battle when you can clearly see the writing on the wall that a team is getting steamrolled and the enemy team has the advantage in positioning making it nothing more than a meat grinder for the enemy team to farm any vehicles that you may continue to spawn while you’re forced to either lose credits from dying to a horde of reds or take a several minute crew lock. Also you should not get a crew lock when the servers decide to have a hiccup and disconnect you from a match, and you should have the option to return to any battle that you get disconnected from because it’s not always your fault or your internet providers fault (though it sometimes happens) that you got disconnected it’s gaijins servers a lot of the times it happens.


Yes they should

They are getting crew locked too

Certainly with your attitude


I remember when Crew Lock was introduced - and WHY…

It was the behavior of the players that led to the introduction of CL: Players would leave certain maps en masse if they disliked it, which led to a phase where you could start battles, and 9 times out of 10 would suddenly be in a match which had only 10% players left. Much fun.

So the “punishment” exists because if this didn’t exist, the possibility to leave a match as soon as you dislike anything about it (map itself, expected outcome, one’s own success) would be abused by the community even more frequently.

Note also that there are other threads open which lament the high occurence of one death leavers, so the “other side” of the spectrum is seen just as problematic…


Shouldn’t the solution here be to make better maps instead of putting a gun to peoples heads.


In my experience, the maps some people hate with a passion, are the map the other half of the community loves most (with exceptions).

As with everything in WT, the large community has very diverse tastes and preferences, and thus features that some like, others dislike.


oh you’ve come to the wrong place to complain about this.
a vast majority of players think the exact opposite of you.
leaving the game earlier than you need to/have to should absolutely be punished as it decreases the chances for your team to win the match.
The crew lock is perfect for this since if you leave because real world stuff then you wont be affected by it since you wont be jumping into a new game straight away anyway. and if the crew lock affects you because you intend to jump straight into a new game anyway, then why didn’t you just spawn in the game you were just in?
loosing “credits” (SL) isn’t even that mush of an issue since the introduction of time based repair costs. you just spawn in, get on or maybe two kills and then die. this gains you SL 90% of the time since a kill gives way more SL compared to a 30 second lifetime now.
the option to join a disconnected game is already there, i have no idea why you aren’t able to.


Why cant they already make us all vote on what maps we all like, and if we want we can say why we dont like them, ive always liked this specific mechanic about other games. map design should be based on the people who play your game!. Our opinions and not just the devs. This would make War thunder’s map design be infinitly better

For example some players love barrel to barrel combat, other love Long range maps with lots of trees, mountains, etc. (I would love a Big hilly forested map that favors light mobile vehicles and gun elevation / Depression. We once had a couple maps like this but they were removed despite some players liking them.)

there already is a function to “like” and “dislike” maps to se them more often or less in queue.
But it could be expanded yes.

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I disliked sweden and all cqc maps and i get them basically everytime. i want my mountain forests, not just big deserts and plains with a Big city smack in the middle.
And with what gaijin did last update where they blocked of forest patches and forcing you to go into the city. I want to sit at the back of my map and protect against flankers that try to flank us and spawncamp.

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Can not disagree any less. I remember what it was like when half the team would leave at the start if battle because they didn’t like the map or the team they were paired with. My opinion is it doesn’t go far enough, single spawn players are a detriment in this game and something needs to be done about it.

pretty sure the like and dislike doesn’t affect the queue, it only tells gaijin what maps the community likes/dislikes


There will always be people who hate the map regardless of the design and it was more then the map that caused it.

Yea they need to completly rework that system. The ban ability doesent even work for me i still got those maps! I only got premium for that reason and it didnt work!

IIRC a few years back there was a community wide analysis about what maps are liked or disliked, and to my own surprise (or personal preference), it was relatively homogeneous with few maps that were especially liked or disliked by the majority of the community.


Like and Dislike dont affect the queue.


why wouldn’t it?
it’s under “preferred maps”, and if you have premium you also get straight up bans for maps.


the announcement for it says “if a few players from the matching queue have the same mission or location marked as unwanted, the location will be skipped, and the new location will be selected.”

No they dont, specially with the actual completely broken and destroyed map rotation. 9 minutes of crewlock just becuase you dont play the same maps over and over again is boderline.

Yea that darn “ban” doesent work, altough that! makes the chances of getting the map Less frequent. Me AND my friends have experimented with it and The like and dislike system does nothing to affect it! Only Banning it Makes it less frequent! I was promiced that it would remove it from my queue, and it keeps throwing me into those damn maps. This reason along with map design that more and more favors CqC because some players cant aim at a distance. Let me play my Karelia or Fields of Normandy/Poland!. They Banished all my favorite maps that was simply: Trees, Hills, and small dirt roads. Just give me back what i joined this game for…

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Thats is from 2019, later was changed. The like/dislike is only used by the developers, it doesn’t affect the matchmaking.