Crew Lock doesn't make sense

If i bring an entire lineup of lets say 6-7 vehicles,and after dying to spawncampers three times,if i leave the match i will get a lets say a Crew lock for 3-4 minutes.

But if i bring only ONE vehicle into the match,and i straight die in it in the first 3 minutes i will be just fine to go into the next match without any penalty… How does this make any sense?

You don’t receive crew lock for the vehicles you played.

You didn’t bring crew to suffer from crew lock.

The vehicles you play are not crew locked, the ones you aren’t are.

That’s why ODL is encouraged. ODL has to be encouraged due to Gaijin’s current balancing around premium vehicles.

Crew lock is necessary to have a marginal penalty for leaving the game without trying.

Crew lock partially also acts as an anti-botting measure to ensure that if a bot bombs a base and then crashes, they can’t instantly go into another game.

Was about to make a thread on this but saw this thread. Did the new system of crew lock get more idiotic? Even if all my tanks play and play well, still i get crew lock, wtf for? I don’t understand.
What’s the logic behind this new system?