Crew Lock bug

I just played Arcade Match at 11.7BR with China, used all 3 Spawns with ZBD04A, ZTZ99A and then ZLT11 and returned to Hangar the second the Match ended and my entire Line Up got crewlocked for three Minutes…and i started with like 11k-13k RP still left for the WZ1001 and even through the Match Endscreen said i made 3k RP it still says i need 13k RP for WZ1001…bug or intentional??

Edit : After the 3 Min Crewlock was over i got the 3k RP and now only need 9k RP for WZ1001

But why did i got Crewlocked and why did the Rewards only appear so delayed after Crewlock was over when i 1. Used all my 3 Spawns in the Match and couldn’t respawn anymore 2. The Match was literally over when i returned to Hangar