Crew after penetration

The crew should be paralized after a shot penetrated the armor.

What a joke, when i hit a tank in close battle, kill 3/4 members and the last ist still able to shoot and ofc kill me.

Why?? What a bullsh… I dont unterstand why here in the game every single screw must be like in RL but THIS ist just stupid…

Its a game not a simulation. Fixing a broken track or gun breech does not take less than a minute either.

You cant wait for hours, but this is a battle relevant detail, that give you more chances with smaller tanks or light tanks to kill others

Play realistic. There is no last stand with 1 crew.

Even more random in such randomised game? No.

yeah, and thats why the game is dying…

More and more noobs ruin the game and the game do the rest.

I want to play all tanks, not only MBTs. If you are a open or light tank, you are target no1 for jets.

Also the known pro ruZZian line, that GJ went for years.