Creating a strong emotional connection between player and vehicle crew

It would be very cool (imo) if they would give names and crew id, improving on the crew bailout mechanic, allowing specific individual crew members to survive. Many battles if they are not lost. Creating a sort of bond with the player and the crew or pilots. Individual crew could gain promotions and awards.

It would add another dynamic to the battlefield where you might prefer to bailout from damage as to save your precious high ranked gunner and comander u have kept alive for 15battles.

I thought this would be an interesting topic to talk about. Please join in and toss around opinions

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Provided that my average crew life expectancy is to survive 1 in 10 battles, this could end pretty bad if they were anything but a component of the vehicle. I mean, an APFSDS went right through the LFP and then hit your driver… he’s not been disabled, he’s been splattered all over the place and then a crew removes his legs and what’s left of his torso to keep on driving the tank while sitting on the dude’s bowels… (and based on the only time I’ve been inside an actual MBT, I just wonder where the crew are supposed to stow away the remnants of “disabled” crew in order to take their station…)

Crews are just a game mechanic, essentially a lifebar. They die too often to be worth of any emotional connection.

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Some small RPG elements with the crews would be interesting.

I’d like to be able to select a picture of the crew/pilot/captain and maybe be able to name them.

hey hand me Harolds legs so you can get in his station

In combat we carried body bags in the tank for just that situation.