Creating a place for organising custom sim battles?

I really love playing sim ground but the in game solution is… lets say constricted. So im thinking maybe we could group together to create a place where we can plan and organise creation of games, etc.

Answer me this!

  • Would you be interested?

  • Why would this be of intrest to you?

  • Where and how would this work?

For me Discord seems like an obvious choice but there might be better options, idk you tell me.
Im envisioning some sort of system where you can post a suggestion to play a certain map, vics, etc.Then people that are online can see this and say im in lets go! When you have enough people the OP creates the session and everyone joins. This is just a simple example, im sure there are better ways of doing things.

Anyways i would love to play proper round without air or half the server leaving after 5min. You get to choose good maps everyround, you could play around with different vehicle options. I think it could be really cool.