Crazy things

I keep seeing some weird stuff going on. Was about to respawn into our spawn zone saw red enemy on the map before I got in. Was thinking ok free kill for me, I get into game at the spawn zone and the tank is there then just gone. Five seconds later he is behind me, disappears again then is to the left of me. Connection was fine so that was not the issue. I also had an enemy at the cap 20 seconds after the match started. Is there a new spawn anywhere hack going around?

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Can you provide the replay?

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I too want the replay link.

I saw what I saw, I do not know where to get the replay. Proof or it didn’t happen, you probably are a gaijin sheep anyway.


Maybe we just want to see what happened so we can better explain it to you, or join you in being perplexed.

how do you expect anyone to help if you don’t provide the replay, and if that is your attitude to the people asking, then why SHOULD you expect anyone to spend time out of their day to do so?


You can get the replay here, or ingame by going to the top left community menu, and going to the replays tab.

Edit: You need to show proof before you claim stuff like that happened, even just the map you played on would be very helpful.

I am often attacked a pack of Orcas in Naval battles.

This is not beyond belief fact or fiction …
You think those statements are just enough to trust you? Maybe you should think about going into politics. I recommend germany. They do what they want and state always “trust us”!

The OP is over aggressive and verging on trolling, I just happened to open another post and he is as rude and makes it seem like he is superior in some way, though unable to work out how to find a replay… hmm

Enjoy o7 I’d avoid like the plague.

Judging by his username, I think it is safe to assume that he thinks he is superior to others and/or thinks that he is an authoritative source that doesnt need to show proof.

Yeah, I think best to do the “move on” thing.



after looking into it I see where I was wrong. But that does not answer one question I have about match maker. 90% of the time I am on the side that 3/4 of the team quits vs like 3 of the other team. So is this a skill issue still or how do I get out of that crazy rotation? Keeping my mind open to suggestions and not complaining anymore if questions can be answered without “It’s a skill issue”

Well, to be real with you, I don’t find myself on crazy bad teams as I just don’t judge the team.

When I spawn I call on a tactic, either asking the team what they wanna do, or suggest we play the long game, and if you are met with attack the D point, you got accepted.

It ain’t spam if it’s a motive.

But really too, someone else mentioned in another thread about the placing average stat having something to do with the matchmaker (Which I don’t believe though) which if that were true, you’d wanna place better, to get better teams… No confidence in that being the case, but you didn’t want the ‘skill issue’ response so obviously it doesn’t fit for you.