Crazy drop of FPS at the beginning of every RB Ground Match

This problem started a couple of weeks before the christmas update, at the beginning of every RB tank match right after you respaw and start to move there is a crazy drop of fps, like 30 fps and than it comes back to 60, major freezes too and guess what? The update didn´t fix this neither this bug or the one about the Crazy Stuttering image like the vsync stop working in Air Sim that´s been going on for 2 years. Gaijin do you have any quality control? Sick and tired of you as a company. Going to give up on this broken game.


Same here. Always a few moments after the game started for like 2-4 seconds it drops to ~20 fps and becomes normal again then. Ground RB.

Win 10 / 11 users can go to task manager and look for

Desktop Window Manager > Right Click > Go To Details > Rick Click > Set Priority = Normal

If you know how to frame limit your GPU (Adrenaline / nVidia Control Panel) frame limit the game (aces.exe).

I have my game limited to 100FPS

PC Specs are

32GB 3200Hz RAM

This mostly solved the issue for me cause gaijin support could not help.