Crate skins for Hungarian vehicles

In the market there are a few skins for Hungarian vehicles, including these:


Could these be made available to actual Hungarian vehicles as GE skins then? Their buy order prices are indeed lower or roughly equal to the equivilant of 200 GE. The Fw 190 F-8 is yet to be added to the subtree but it would only be a question of time.


As someone who’s been starting up the Italian tree this year, I’d love to see it, but I think these skins are made with a profit sharing scheme to the community members who make them, so there would probably be some conflict for Gaijin to repurpose them like that without paying those members something for their trouble.

This isn’t necessarily true. The event camouflage for the Su-25BM is just Gaijin’s version of the the Bulgarian Air Force market camouflage for the Su-25K.

Well that gives me hope, a dangerous thing to have playing this game.

Except both camouflages messed it up. The white triangle behind the cockpit is rotated the wrong way on the event camo (and initially was too big and too far forward but that was fixed when I bug reported it) and the market camo is missing the white triangles altogether.

I’m not a historical camouflage expert so that doesn’t really bother me, I just like making my vehicles pretty.

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