Crashing your plane in ARB after bombing should block you from rewards

People should not be rewarded for instantly crashing there Plane after Bombing an enemy convoy or base cause somebody is about to intercept them.
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Suggestions category will be re-open when devs will have finish to compilate and transfert all old-forum suggestions.

There have been discussions about this…both for Air and Ground modes…
Not sure how it is now…but once upon a time the player closer to the one crashing would get the kill…was a better solution as it is difficult to distinguish deliberate crashing from accidental ones…
(I personally crashed into the ground several times while trying to avoid an attacker)

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Yep, stop rewarding unsportsmanlike prick that can’t accept the fact that they have to pay the repair cost anyway plus 8 minute crewlock.


perhaps define a distance from the destroyed vehicle below which we can know with certainty that the player’s plane didn’t try to avoid the crash… like 30m …

And in arcade mode, with air event, you dont have a crew lock on a plane for a suicide-revenge … For arcade, maybe destroy the tank when you crash your plane to close of the enemy (as suggested above)

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PLEASE MAKE THIS A THING. ive played how many games today and ive had this happen sop many times as im lining up behind the dude! its a joke and then only to be killed by their team mates after i bled all the speed to make it happen. its an absolute joke! it happens almost every game if not to me then to someone else!

Do we know the official stance of Gaijin Entertainment for players that intentionally crash into the ground?
It being a grey area since it’s not a written violation of Sportsmanlike Conduct to any of our knowledge causes an ethical dilemma.

hows it any different from being a teamkiller or having passive behaviour or being a bot all which are reportable to gaijin. (passive behaviour - killing yourself to avoid fights) could be a bot account designed to do a bomb run and crash. Its not fair to either team. Like i said its not like its a one time thing its been happening almost every game now. its beyond a joke.

I haven’t intentionally crashed due to an enemy on my tail in a few months I think.
I’ve intentionally crashed due to real life emergency/waiting friend and didn’t want to fly back to run way & leave there. Essentially impatience, or in the case of emergency… life needed attention either for a bit or for a while.

However, I also know nearly all my crashes are cause I’m reckless and stay too low doing maneuvers I’ve not mastered in any way shape or form.

It’s also harder to tell if someone crashed intentionally or not.
I’d say in dogfights, everyone that ate dirt didn’t know how badly they were compressing.

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but we all have sometimes i get distracted flying in i get that. but im talking about directly after bombing a base slamming into the ground. they arent compressing as they often are flying ground level. but when they see someone behind them they point their nose to the ground.

then again if you do crash in a dogfight it should somewhat count as a manouver kill or something? like i dont wanna sound mean id say the same thing to myself but its our fault we crashed why should the other person not get rewarded after they spent all that time tryna get you? like you should be aware of your surroundings the same way you gotta be aware for planes and missiles coming at you if that makes sense?

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I’m indifferent about it now.
In both situations it won’t have an impact on my enjoyment.
Like eating dirt is funny whether someone gets rewarded or not to me.
But if attributing is added I ain’t gonna oppose it.

I was on Vietnam and saw an enemy eat dirt and my only thoughts were “Ha. Alright next biggest threat.”

i dont dissagree it is funny af dont get me wrong. but not when you are behind the guy about to kill him and trust me i know ill kill him i have almost double the kills to deaths in my plane

Seeing this quote and your overall posts you might consider the following:

You attack mainly weaker pilots trying to grind with bombing bases. They are are aware of that they will die as their approach loaded with bombs make them slow and an attractive target for pilots looking for easy kills. So if they have accepted their fate to die with a low bomb run (as they still make a profit after a drop on a base) there is simply no need for them to play target practice.

Seeing the comparably low repair cost with a premium it is somehow comprehensible if they deny you an easy kill and the SL/RP income. Technically seen you got only at their six as they flew to a base, without bombs or another flight path you might not even get behind them in the first place…