Crash to desktop after leave a battle

Since few hours ago my client crash if leave a bettle before start… Anyone more with this issue???

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yes, im having the same problem. 8111000D

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Interesting considering that a few days back there were people having trouble with UHQ client downloads, and that was seemingly related also to graphics cards…

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And I’ve tried everything here, but nothing worked.

It may need to be reported as a bug in the issue tracker, and submit the clog files for the instance where it crashed so someone can pull the reason out for you.

Those clogs actually have a lot in them.

This could be a thought to push for a ‘read my clogs’ subject, where someone can merely have a look at what the logs say… Like a ‘read my tealeaves’ thread.

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That’s another problem, when I try to create the ticket, I simply can’t upload the files generated by dxdiag and also the screenshots, it’s difficult to play and report the bug

Why not?

They’re pretty easy to do even whilst in game.

Your dxdiag won’t change much, but you just Start+R, dxdiag, and with the screenshots you can easily just go to the screenshots folder and pick the most recent ones.

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So, I don’t know why but the search engine just doesn’t find the files. That’s if I try to report a problem within the game, now, if I use support I can download the files, let’s see what happens.

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I get tabbed to desktop (not a crash) during battle quite frequently. I’d say atleast once per nightly gaming session. For me it happens during matches. Usually when I’m about to drop my ordinance or fire on a target.

Someone else also mentioned something about that, that could be something to report also.

It’s always good to use the webbrowser if it gives you trouble.

Chrome does some silly things if you use that as your browser. Otherwise I’d check you’re in fullscreen mode compared to windowed fullscreen and other settings.

Are you using Steam???

About 95% of crashes are due to not having updated Drivers… so make sure they are updated, if not already ?

Also, check this link from Steam, one of our Senior Tech Mods left an answer there about that error code

That does sound like something in the background on your computer doing that, for example, sometimes it could be something like the Anti-virus software being updated or it is checking for updates… so, it could be something else pulling you out

My drivers are fine, i was playing like 5 hours before the crash suddenly starts.

Restart PC then do a file check. Could be ram related, was an issue before iirc

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I do it and dont work, the game continues crashing.

@Leiroz @FlyingDoctor @Warpig

Last NVidia stable driver is 537 if you guys are having issues on any of the last 3 NVidia updates, since the newer NVidia drivers are known to cause game crashes.

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Im using AMD.

That’s why I said IF in regards to NVidia.
Sadly I have nothing on AMD news.

Ok, thanks anyway.