Crafting event confusion

Hi all,

Crafting events are always a bit vague to me. Has anyone worked out how long it’ll take to get just the Japanese aircraft by grinding?
I’d also be happy to pay for it if I could figure out how much it would even cost. I’m on Xbox btw so no marketplace.

@gromvoiny , as store manager, can you shed some light on the GE boxes for Xbox. How much of those to get the Ki-48?

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Basically 75K mission score(post modifiers for gamemode) per day, for 12 days

No I mean, just the Ki-48. What will it practically cost if I get 600-1500 mission score per rb match.
Or buy the GE boxes for console.

You can get maximum of 6 Ki-48s or 2 top event vehicles (3 per vehicle). That’s assuming that you do the full grind and I guess do not make mistakes testing the silly missiles. It’s 75,000 gaming points per day for 13 days, I believe, so you do the math.

6 Ki-48 is a hard limit or not? Just need 1 really. I’m asking because i don’t have much time to play so seeing if 1 Ki-48 is even feasible for me.

Given 13 days, I think you need around 2 days of max grind to get one Ki-48 or around 140,000 gaming points. Do about 12,000 gaming points a day and you will be fine. On top of that you will have to spend time in the garage jumping through all the hoops to finish your plane. Luckily they give you one more week to finish up your plane in your garage.

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Doing 37,500 gaming points a day for 13 days straight just to get one top vehicle is bloody ridiculous, so I don’t see myself getting one of the top event vehicles either.

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I put in nearly 60 to 80 God damn hours a week and that’s unreasonable.

My Birthday is coming up, so I won’t even be able to participate around that time. It would be awesome if I could just get it as a present, but I doubt Gaijin would do that unfortunately…


So dont participate… Its not the real life, its just the game run by a greedy developer.
Happy birthday! All the best wishes!

I know I can always not participate, but it doesn’t change the fact 75,000 score a day is way too high. 40k in two days is already almost impossible for people who don’t play all day.

And I still want the LOSAT cause it’s quirky.

They actually prolonged the grind when compared to the last crafting event.
At this point, it’s better to just go out and find literally any job, even bottom of the barrel jobs will have much higher profit/h than grinding this event. Buying coupons cheaply off of people who will grind like crazy for 30 € worth in GJN is the best thing to do from the time and money perspective lmao.


You know how the buying will go for xbox? How good are those boxes they offer for paltforms that don’t have the marketplace?

Awesome, that paints a good picture. Thx, will have a look if it goes well first before committing.

Unfortunately, gaijin got even greedier. At this point their behavior and demands are toxic and not worth the effort.
You used to sell the parts that you got from playing in 1:1 ratio. Then they made you combine 2 of them to sell as 1 on the market. That also requires extra clicking in the garage. At the end of the event many tens of thousands of these parts got unsold and went poof. Now, in this event, you require to get some stupid box to put parts in. You can only start selling these stupid parts when you jump through more stupid hoops and successfully test two of these rockets. To test these two rockets you need around 300,000 gaming points, if I’m not mistaken. Gaijin likes to be vague about these things, so you don’t see how this event sucks before you start grinding it. So you need more than 20,000 points a day… for 13 days just so you can start selling these stupid parts or you can assemble 2 Japanese premium planes. Like what the actual fook???
TL;DR Don’t expect the parts to be cheap, as people who already have 2 of these rockets will try to buy in and get the third one to get one of the top event vehicles. These top vehicles will be more expensive on the market due to gaijin’s shady practices. Enough is enough. All of this is anti-consumer behavior. It feels like one day there will be laws that prohibit this kind of specific predatory behavior, thanks to gaijin.

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Besides needing to be 2/3 of the way to a high tier anyway, you can only sell 20 individual materials (about 5 boxes worth, out of the 360 boxes you can get), so there’s not gonna be a lot of materials to buy, really. Mat selling is just for your leftovers now, and having to buy them will be really expensive. Good news is, those 20 leftovers you can sell, if you have some at the end, should be worth a few GJN added up.