why can’t we sell items that we already claimed???

if you accidentally claim a vehicle of any type like the M551(76) battle pass vehicle for fun, and then you realize (what happened to me) that you can sell it for 135 gjn on the marketplace now I am on PlayStation but pc people need to have the rights to sell it because it’s their own item

you already had the coupon, so please make it so we can convert it back into a coupon again and if there are more items on the marketplace you make more money because there are more items to sell and you don’t lose any money of it. in for both of us its a win-win situation

everybody will love it and if this goes viral we will review bomb steam on 2024 december 16
im just joking put please think about it thanks for the cooperation

Because they are claimed? What is this post?


The trouble with making a vehicle that can go from coupon to vehicle back to coupon is that the market will crash.

If you buy a coupon and consume it and play the vehicle until your bored of it then turn it back into a coupon and sell it for more because it is now considered a collectable and keep doing this then the market now becomes a trading post not a market