not the only person here that has posted about this, probably wont be the last: countermeasure’s are laughably OP. top tier IR missiles that aren’t R60’s chasing after single flairs is ridiculous, especially when being engaged from rear.

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Flares are realistic to the knowledge of all simulator developers in the industry.
Maybe don’t launch IR missiles from the furthest possible distance?

It’s buggy behaviour that is, hopefully being investigated. CMs are due a total overhaul anyway, hoping that will include not only how aircraft handle CMs but how the flares themselves are modeled.

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They arent even close. Maybe game limitations. But a 9L should ignore a flare if the target is on reheat because the reheat plume is hotter than a flare. Issue is that the reheat plume has no temp and instead the missile only looks at the engine temp. This is why something like a 9L is instantly defeated by a flare in situations that it should not. We have verified IRL reports/tests proving that this is the case.

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And 9Ls do ignore flares when the target is on reheat, out to 2.4km if that target is an F-14A.

Target was on full reheat, within 1.5km. Defeated by a single flare.

This is very very common. Range has little baring on the effectiveness of flares, nor should it. The point is, if its on reheat, in any aspect, flares should do almost nothing. At the moment, 9Ls are defeated by flares instantly. I failed to evade an R-60M even with dumping a dozen flares, throttling down and breaking hard the other day. Definetly some poor modeling.

Yes, an anomaly, not repeated on any other aircraft, and that test wasn’t repeated in a custom battle either.

Yeah, no, its not an anomaly. 9ls are almost always defeated by flares. Again, that is another example I have. Headon, Mig-29 on full reheat. Confirmed by tech dev, it should have hit. It was defeated by a flare BEHIND the target. Which should not be the case.

I’ve only recently started capturing the behaviour to report it.

I see it reported a lot on the forums, 9Ls being defeated by a single flare and exhbiiting behaviour that is not realistic.

Doesn’t matter.

In the linked forum, data shows that if the target is on reheat. the exhaust plume is hot enough that the missile should track it and not the flare. confirmed by a tech mod that did the research and national archive trawling.

TLDR: If its on reheat, flares dont work. Currently. 9Ls will always go for flares.


From a resource cited on WarThunder’s wiki:

The original resource can be found at Freedom’s “Flying Snake”.

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The whole heat system needs a rework. currently, all aircraft have a min temp that allows for an IR missile to lock on to you even if you have had your engine off long enough to cool down to ambient.

top tier is unplayable now something has to be changed its either increased countermeasures/countermeasure pods to jets which really do have them irl but not ingame or decrease match making team to a number which every pilot could use their flare effectively because having countermeasures in today’s gameplay is useless 60 flares into 4/2. 40 flares 20 chaff isnt enough your enough to dodge 3-4 missiles and your’re out of countermeasures and your just a flying coffin waiting for your death and upon that r73 is coming up!!! damn thats gonna be a lot of fun for F4 players who get uptired non stop to top tier including the aim9ls id say my topic is about increase countermeasures or decrease players ingame.

I play a good bit of 10-11br and i dont recall the last time I have run out of flares. How are you flaring? I can usually break the aam locks with 1-2 flare bursts, which is like 8-16 flares I think? I use the reinforced flares most times but i run the flare priority on the f4e.